987 Kicker Destruction

This is what can happen when you make a kicker…

Wow, certainly looks like you made it over the bump.

It looks to me as though we have a winner folks.

Was that just pneumatics?

Please knock over the tower with one of your high speed shots, event if you get red carded for field damage I think you could win the match just for the cool points they would award :smiley:

I think I saw tension from rubber or something… with pneumatics to pull it back?

The video did not show energy storage phase. I presume manual method. The energy was stored in three (?) black rubber elastic straps on each side of the frame. No detail shows limit to kicker extension to the bumper outside dimension. Not certain either if the ball was more than 3" inside the frame. I think they were just killing time.

If you guys dial it down a bit you actually might be able to keep it in the arena.

Hahahahaha, nice.

We almost knocked out an illuminated EXIT sign today, luckily it was caged haha.

You guys might be able to score across the field with that, provided you can aim it precisely (and the school lets you keep it that powerful).

this is quite similar to what we are doing though our kicker is like a little foot xDDD

So I know it has been asked, but how are you getting that power? Are you using pneumatics, elasticity, or both?

Slow mo studies
Slow mo repeat

Super slow

Super super slow

Still can see some frames!!! Its fast!!!

I want to see how that works.

those slow motion videos didn’t do good for me. I just saw the kicker start, and then I saw it in basically it’s finished position. It might be my computer, but I think it was the video.

I was mislead by the title of this thread. You should change kicker to launcher. Another clock gives it’s life to advance understanding.

We had a part of our kicker going flying 15 feet into the air yesterday and land like a javelin in the nearby grass.

Careful when dealing with stored energy!

We had a similar situation here on 868. We punched a HVAC vent back up into the ceiling testing our prototype. A few ceiling tiles also gave their lives for the cause.

You are absolutely right about care needed to insure safety while testing launching mechanisms. We were careful to make sure nobody was near front of mock up launcher until swing arm was locked in place. Tight elastic bands/tubing help limit out of perimeter swing arm extension too…

And watch those fingers! ::safety::

Goodbye clock. Is Elgin next on the casualty list? :

That’s a lot of power, I’m interested in seeing how you guys are doing this. Pneumatics? Springs?

We managed to hit the light the other day (despite the shop’s insanely high ceiling). Thankfully, it was already broken…