987 Needs Help Choosing Our 2009 Promo Video!

Ok, this is one of the rare times that Team 987 can’t arrive at a concensus and we need your help! We have 3 different video promo versions, each with a different music and we need help selecting our promo for this year. Could you let us know which one you like the most? Lots of great footage of our robot by the way…



Hmmm…let’s see…


All of them are very impressive videos about a very impressive bot but i would have to say my favorite is “987 “High Rollers” 2009 Promo (1)”

Great videos! I posted 2B on FIRST Objective - a site helping promote FIRST to schools that are not already involved.

I’d also like to encourage any and everyone to post their videos on FIRST Objective. There a lots of schools NOT involved in FIRST, and this NEEDS to change!

They’re all good, but I’m partial to 2-B. 2-A may have edged it out if more of the cuts were aligned with the music.

Definitely have to say 2B, great video!

I posted our Chairman’s Award video along with our robot highlight video on the FIRST Objective website.

i’m leaning towards 2A but 2B is a very close second

Definitely A.

Let it Rock goes with the game, feels like it should be faster but isn’t.



Let it Rock…

that’s what we planned for our highlight, but yeah, you guys actually did it.

I’m with Keaton. 2A

Aww, you’re just agreeing with him so you can get a t-shirt;)

I would most definitely say 2A, the music worked a lot better I think.

2B! But in 2A is it just me or did your human player commit a penalty at 1:02 if not it was very sneaky :wink: .

huh what are you talking about:rolleyes:

I like 2-b myself.

2-B. I’m with Evan, the cuts sync just seem to sync better with the music. Another suggestion, recut the video in 16:9 aspect ratio, because everything (Youtube included) is moving to it. You have 16:9 video in there but its letter boxed to 4:3.

My vote is for 2B as well, I think the music works better with the video.
2nd pic is video 1