987 Popular in Las Vegas Media

Hey everyone,

Between the Phoenix Regional and Las Vegas Regional, team 987 has been pretty popular with local newspapers and TV stations. It’s been great as we have been able to tell the masses about the FIRST organization, our team, and also give our sponsors and mentors recognition. I am trying to gather as much of the links as I can and post them for all to read.

I do have a question though, I should probably contact NBC or the station, but perhaps someone here with some broadcasting/copyright knowledge etc. can help me out in addition to the broadcasters. I have an interview that was live from the Thomas and Mack at the Las Vegas Regional, and also team 987 is scheduled for an interview again on Tuesday this week. I would like to upload these for viewing on the web but I don’t want to violate any copyrights etc. Anyone have any input on this?

Here are the links available so far, I will post more as I find more:

(above are the same article in different editions with different pictures)

Thanks for any input, and enjoy :slight_smile: