987 Tragic News

987 has lost a superstar. Sadly, we just lost a student team member to the second leading cause of teenage death. Oscar Ho, an extraordinary young man and recent team president passed away Sunday morning. Unfortunately, Frank’s December 27 blog regarding suicide became all too relevant for those of us fortunate enough to know and work with Oscar…and even the rest of the FIRST community.

Please take the time to help us make this a teaching moment and share Frank’s recent blog and our painful news with your teams. Raise awareness of this insidious and all too common problem that is stealing some of the best and brightest of our youth and hopefully help your team avert the tragedy that has hit our team like a freight train.

My absolute deepest condolences.

Depression and anxiety is all too common, and I still struggle with severe depression and anxiety everyday. If you are having ANY thoughts of self harm or suicide, seek help.

I consider myself an extreme introvert, and sharing my feelings was nearly impossible. One day I sought help, and my life has changed for the better.

I am so sorry. Let us know if we can do anything to help you and your team.

I’m very sorry for your loss. The thoughts and prayers of the entire FIRST community are behind you.

I’m so so sorry for your loss. Him, his family, friends, and the team are in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know if we can help in any way.

I am without words. To have this happen to someone cared for and valued in our big FIRST family is extraordinary saddening. It pains me emotionally to read the post on here, regardless of if I knew Oscar or not.

My thought and prayers are with Oscar’s family, friends, and team.

I believe I speak for my entire team when I say how saddened this makes us. Spending even one weekend with you last year made a huge impression on us. Loosing even one of your students is painful. Loosing your team President is just that much worse.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I cannot imagine what 987 is going through now. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the students’ family. It is and will be an honor to play with 987. We hope the team the best and that the team finds strength through these difficult times.

My condolences to both Oscar’s immediate and extended FIRST family. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. Please let me know if there’s anything my teams or I can do to support you all.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

RIP. Sorry for your loss. 987 and Oscar’s family will be in my prayers.

Team 2383 extends its deepest condolences to Team 987 as well as the family and friends of Mr. Oscar Ho.

My condolences to the family of Oscar and to all of his friends. I cannot say how sad this makes me. He, his family, friends, and team will be in my thoughts and prayers

Such sad news to hear. Thoughts and prayers to his family and his FIRST family.

I’m sorry to hear that. I will keep Oscar, his friends, family, and teammates in my thoughts and prayers.

I found this article from the Las Vegas Review-Journal back in March about Oscar that details what an amazing student he was: https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/news-columns/paul-harasim/las-vegas-teen-uses-education-to-motivate-and-inspire-students/

Joe, I am saddened to hear of this tragic loss and wish that you, 987 and Oscar’s family finds the support they need in this troubling time.

Very sorry to hear about that. It’s a bummer we live in a word where people feel pushed to end their own life by an inside or outside source.

On behalf of team 316 I send you our deepest condolences.

My condolences on your loss. I’ll keep Oscar, his family, and your team in my thoughts.

Life hurts a lot sometimes, but if you’re out there and you’re thinking about suicide, please stay with us. You matter. There are people out here who care about you and desperately want to help. Please say something and give us a chance.

Link to Frank’s Blog

Deepest condolences on behalf of myself, and Team 4, to you Joe, Team 987, and Oscar’s family.

I can’t imagine what your team is going through but you have the support of the entire FIRST family.

The thoughts of Team 4926 are with the entire High Rollers family. We’ll definitely use this as a teaching moment. Our condolences.