997 Spartan Swerve V2


Second Version of our Neo Swerve Modules inspired by 2910s V2 modules

CAD: https://grabcad.com/library/spartan-swerve-v2-1

Criticism/judgment is, as always, welcome.

Edit: added Step Format to the grabcad

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I get a “Grabcad is unable to view this model” error when I try to open it. Is it working for anyone else?


Pretty sure grabcad can’t view anything made and saved in Solidworks 2018…so yeah. I think STEPs show up though.


GrabCAD sure is great. Until it isn’t.


I’m on my phone and can’t take a closer look, but it looks like you used the MA3 absolute encoder for your drive. Any reason for this? I personally would recommend a quadrature (the AMT 103-V is a personal favorite of mine) since they’re usually rated for higher RPMs. The MA3 can only handle 100rpm according to the data sheet.


I’m assuming the OP has the encoder geared 1:1 with the module rotation to have an absolute positioning between robot starts, in which case they should not have to worry about rotation rate — the module should not rotate at 100 rpm or greater…bigger issues if it does.


I didn’t really think about this much but I would definitely stick with an absolute encoder but I may look into a higher rated encoder


My concern was that it looked like it was geared to the driving, not the turning motor. I may be wrong - is there a second gear hidden by the top plate which is attached to the pivoting of the module?

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it is geared to the azimuth with an odd part similar to how 2910 does theirs


I will post a step version tonight.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ll be sure to take a closer look later.


Just looking at the render, I have some suggestions for the layout of the module.

I would rotate the two standoffs on the sides of the drive motor 45° around the motor towards the camera, and move the bearing clamping bolts somewhere else. (Or thread the spacers, and leave the bolts) That way you could make the module narrower.
You could also move the steering encoder, the 32dp gear, and the steering motor off of the center line, and compress the model lengthwise by a bit.

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