A 103 Fun Pic

We gave our new trainees a little project to work on. I think they came out pretty well. Let me know what you think!



That’s awesome, that must have taken them a while to do.

Our animation team trained by making desks and computer monitors…so boring compared to this! :cool:

These creations took them about 5 to 7 days, I guess. They were in and out of the project while we were training them to do certain aspects of the program. And they’re pretty much ready for the season too!

Well I, for one, welcome our alien overlords and bow to their power…

Pretty cool


Wow. I’ve never tried to model legos before. Very nice.

Trainees D:. How many CADDers are you guys going to have this year?

We have four now. Two of them are new. The vets are Rob and me. It was my idea to start the Legos for training, and we’re currently working on some new models as well. the great thing with inventor is that we make a part (aka lego piece), put it in the library, and then we can keep on using it for different models.

Nice training idea…fairly simple shapes, made by multiple designers…a great way to teach assembly constraints…and c’mon, who doesn’t love Legos!!!

Yeah, it was boring. We had to make flashlights before that.

Now I want to get back to LEGO Star Wars 2.
sigh health progect first…

Thats sweet man…

Your four will probably be able to blow our 6 out of the water. Good luck with this year’s award.

Thanks for the encouragement, Eric. We always enjoy looking at other team’s entries too. Look forward to seeing what evey one does this year!

Here’s a new challenge, add in small bright green pieces for the laser blasts!!:smiley:

On a serious note, good luck to you guys again, you are always phenomenal both with your robot and your inventor award submission.

Speaking of seeing other team’s entries, you wouldn’t happen to know if the '06 season’s submissions are still on streamline, would you?

very cool, but you didn’t make them put the little lego symbol on each piece…

Touche!!! Now, just add in a couple of vulture droids, a gunship or two for a landing party, and Obi-Wan’s and Anakin’s ships… then I will be impressed!!!

No, nice job guys.

Yup - they’re still up. Username = (public)

Check this pic out, thought it was cool. (We didn’t model this one)


We thought of that and something might be brewing if we find extra time (but who finds extra time during build season?).

also, we are now modeling the little “lego” word on the peices too. here check it out: