A 150$ robot

This is a video of team 3734’s build season, completed in a $150 budget built completely from the KOP except for the 150 spent on some metal. Just thought I’d show what a rookie team (only 10 students, no engineers, and a mentor from IT) could complete with the KOP.


Very cool stuff, I hope to see them back next year doing more.

I remember seeing your robot practice at the WI Regional. It looked like a nice simple design for scoring on the bottom row. Congradulations on a successful rookie season and earning the Highest Ranked Rookie team award! (even though you weren’t there to accept it :eek:). I hope to see your team at the regional next year.

Now you need to find a sponsor who will loan you staff for mentors. That would be great for you guys.


I have seen so many rookie bots who cant move period! You not only have an arm you seem to be able to hang some! And for $150? Ok hears a cookie and a small planet. This is extremely impressive for a group totally green to first:D

You keep going up and you’ll be playing with the big boys in no time.

that is an amazing acomplishment. i think the best we ever did was 570 ish, in 2010.

Excellent for a first-year team! Imagine you guys with some sponsor engineers :yikes:

I was impressed by your rookie robot at Wisconsin and that was before I knew you only spent $150 to build it. Really impressive. More rookies (and some vets) should do what you did and ensure that you have a good drivetrain. I look fowared to seeing what you come up with next year.

Well done! A small rookie team building a robot with a minimal budget and winning Highest Rookie Seed award is no doubt impressive. To me, this endeavor is unheard of.

Next step. Enlist the help of a veteran team to help you guys line up some sponsors. We’d be happy to help out!

Thank you for the support everyone, everyone on my team was greatly encouraged by reading it =]

Wow, props to you. That’s amazing. Half the robots at the dallas regional couldn’t move, and you guys built a robot with $150, that can HANG TUBES!