A 2007 challenge?

So does anyone want to take on a gander on a 2007 challange!



Maybe the good ol’ fellers at FIRST are trying to fry us!

Quick drying paint in various pastel colors?

We could have to shoot flashlights at targets to drop game objects!

It looks like it might have something to do with the “death ray” they built in Mythbusters. Once you have high-speed projectiles in a FIRST competition, anything is possible.

My sons and I were watching “Mythbusters” last night and saw Woodie aiming mirrors. Sadly, only two of us yelled “that’s Woodie!” out loud. I think David was playing Tetris. (All of us had notebook computers open at the time. It was a big night at the Tyler house after coming home from robot building.)

Water game?

Oh how I wish it were. But I think FIRST would have a problem putting all the electronics equipment in a bathtub… Maybe some sort of dominoes.

Lol I cant believe how some people are thinking of games that are going to come after this, when we haven’t even started a regional lol. I’m still freaking out about 2006 game and building the robot and stuff…I have this freaky feeling that something is going to go wrong with our robot >.<

Whooo! Yay for robot insecurities! You can join the club now (RIA, it’s official :wink: )

I like you guys thinking ahead, like true professionals. :slight_smile:

melting things? that doesn’t sound like “gracious professionalism” to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: check out solar death ray (the website) to see a “death ray” that someone actually made at home, and burns things with. VERY cool.

For some reason I get this nagging thought that we will have to follow some moving target type of thing

Wow mate. That is awesome. I just checked out the site. I think a solar death ray would be a cool thing to do but as for what FIRST stands for I can truthfully say there is no way that it is possible.

As fot the field that would be an interesting challenge. What would we do?



I think next years game is obvious:

  1. Auton mode: robots will deploy across the field, find a panel, and analise the color of the paint

  2. robot will mix the right color pigments into a gallon of paint that has been retrieved from a raised center platform.

  3. Driver mode: the robot must thoroughly mix the gallon of paint and

  4. Under driver control you must paint one or more of the other alliances robots.

points awarded for most percentage of coverage on opponents robots. Multiplier for best color match.

Thats a pretty good idea. But it would be a bit complicated when programming the robot to look for a specific color and than change that color during the game wont it?

thats what will really make next years game a spectator sport

that and the gallons of colored paint flying every which way!

I’ve always wondered what do they do if something goes wrong on the field and something goes flying into the audience. Like if someone misses while shooting this year. O.o

your going way over the top on that one buddy