A basic example for Autonomous

I was completely lost for making an Autonomous program. The programmers and I do not know where to get started. We wanted the robot to at least be able to move forwards, backwards, and to lower the middle bridge with metal bar moved by a gear motor.

      Any help is appreciated!! Thanks.

Here’s an example of a simple driving autonomous.
Just add frames for more actions and include your bridge manipulator.

Hello, I’ve been having a similar problem with autonomous and thank you for helping out on the forums.
How would you make a sequence for different motors though?
For example, I want the bot to launch a ball then reverse for X amount of seconds then initiate a third motor to lower the bridge.
Any help would be much appreciated and if you need any more information please just ask. :slight_smile:

Can you show an example of motors in sequence?

Just pass more Motor references into your sequence. When you do not want them to perform any specific action during a frame, pass the reference through that particular frame (wire the reference straight through the frame)

Here are a variety of ways to do multiple motors.
Other devices can be thrown into frames, such as, Relays, Solenoids, drivetrains.