A better "ratchet"?

It looks like a lot of teams are planning on using a ratchet of some kind on their winch–either a VP ratchet or a wrench. We came up with a solution that will allow us to completely prevent climb back-drive while also being able to engage/disengage at will, so we’re not stuck with a one-shot climb.

Feedback wanted; questions welcome.

Dog Ratchet


That’s neat!

I wonder if we could adapt the “park” pawl from an automotive automatic transmission?

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This concept a totally valid solution to the problem space - it’s essentially a brake / lock through mechanical means rather than friction.

My concern with the pictured solution, just going from my gut, is in the length and size of the screws on the hub the dog engages with. Those are relatively thin bolts stood off two inches plus from the frame. A lot of force is going to try to twist that plate, and I’m concerned the bolts could buckle. I would robustly mount that piece to the frame directly and mount the cylinder to a separate member, or put the standoffs on the cylinder side.


That’s kind of a no-brainer modification, thanks! We’ll likely try it a few dozen times in this configuration and see what happens, but that’s a great, simple suggestion that would have rendered it more robust in the first place.


Same idea with different packaging, methinks.

What Chris said is worth a strong seconding.

I would want to try and execute this with a ball shifter mechanism instead of dog mechanism just because of my experience with dogs ‘skipping’ and missing their engagement. Irrational paranoia aside - a team could execute this with a ball shifter if it’s what they had on-hand! Instead of a locked dog hub it would be a locked shifter cluster gear.


We’re doing something similar, but with a ball shifter. The dog shifter will likely work, if not better, as there are no balls to force back in.


This is very similar to how the Afterburner Winch kit works. It is currently out of stock due to being out of 3 tooth dog stuff, but if you put your email in you will be notified with the 4 tooth EVO dog version is available later this week.

On the Afterburner, the lockout plate is mounted directly to the plate for this reason.

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Didn’t see it linked anywhere but that is a PTO from West Coast Products.


We used it for the same purpose to climb in 2018, and it worked perfectly for that application.

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So when we finally got around to testing the mechanism it twisted like Chubby Checkers exactly as you predicted. We swapped things around as suggested and it holds great.


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