A big Thanks to SoCal

Team 188 would like to thank team 1717 for choosing them as a partner. Thanks also for the hard work from team 1722 who rounded out the alliance. We may have bowed out in the semis but we gave the SoCal winners a good run for their money.

This was a great regional. The teams were all helpful, the refing was great and our experience was amazing. Thanks also to Team 4 who have been our hosts this week.

Thank YOU for making us work for the win! We thought we had the semis all figured out–and then you guys won against the team we thought we had to play!

Thanks to team 254 for picking us! It was great to finally play with you guys! Good luck in Silicon Valley! :slight_smile:
And team 4 played awesome defense! Good luck in Las Vegas!

A big congrats to Chris Hussmann for being named the Outstanding Volunteer and Joseph Vanderway for Woodie Flowers. These two individuals truly deserve recognition for all their efforts!

Congrats to the Poof Bot Element Alliance, one heck of an alliance. Also congrats to team 399 for winning Chairmans

Joseph Vanderway really deserved the WFA and also was the funniest inspector that we have ever come across.

A huge, huge, huge congratulations to Mr. Vanderway from Team 599!!! Im so happy he’s a finalist and he definitely deserves to be one.

Thank you, team 188 and 1722 for making an awesome alliance. Our teamwork and quality robots paid off and showed when we were one win away from the finals. Unfortunately you won’t be going to San Diego but good luck in your other regionals and hopefully we will work again together soon.

-Team 1717

Thanks to the other inspectors for doing their best to get everyone on the field for their first match(es). Thanks to the planning committee, and everyone else. It was a great event.

Big thanks to teams 1197 and 207 for being our alliance partners, can’t belive we made it to semi-finals. Also want to thank the rest of the teams for being so friendly and polite. Best of luck and see y’all in San Diego.