A bot with no name...

Here is the grand unveiling of Team 118’s 2002 robot.

And yes, that is Evel Knievel on top. Oh yeah.

Some specs:

Top speed in the teens
Spears goals by 0:03
Hard docks by 0:05
Pneumatic shifting transmission
30’ Translocation Subsystem

The robot looks pretty good this year. Ive been working with Mr. Glover and he said that you guys had a transmission on the base. CRAZY!!! It looks like this years Blake and Sha are going to have to try harder to break off those arms.

Good Luck,
Chris David

P.S. Can Evel Knievel Dance

Mr. Knievel bobs his head forward and backward as if to say “Oh yeah! That was one massive full-speed goal smasheroo.”

But then sometimes he shakes his head from side to side, as if to say, “Don’t stop a-rockin’!”

And occasionally, he just sits there with his hands on his hips, as if to say, “Ayup.”

I like the idea but what do you think the judges will think of the two spears?? Will they make you cut them off or grind them down???

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**I like the idea but what do you think the judges will think of the two spears?? Will they make you cut them off or grind them down??? **

i agree. the judges ain’t gonna like those. they’re gonna make you grind them way down or just plain take them off. they’re really strict on that kinda stuff

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**And yes, that is Evel Knievel on top. Oh yeah.

I didn’t know Evel Knievel was on the additional hardware list.

I must have missed the update that said:


Description_____________ Quantity Allowed__
Washed up daredevil_____ Any amount _____
-------------------------- -------------------

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The judges ain’t gonna like those.

Oh ye of little faith… They’re not sharpened to razor points (anymore) they’re rounded with about a 1/4 inch diameter. Condor (our robot last year) had a much sharper point than that to get under the bridge, and we didn’t have any hassle with the federales.

And as for EK, I think that, after breaking every bone in his body (and some that no longer are), Knievel counts as a non-functioning decoration. :slight_smile:

Also the judges thought dancing “baby condor” was pretty cute.

Now, it’s not official, but rumor has it that this robot’s name will be “Space Penguin”, due to the name’s absolute randomness. But there is a small but vocal contingent who thinks that “Thor” would be a better name, due to the incredible noise the robot makes when it plows into two goals at top speed. What do you think, Chris? (I would also like anyone else’s opinion, if they desire to share it).

Space Penguin… interesting. Two years ago a bunch of us wanted to name the robot “8 Ball” instead of “Hot Rod”, but the engineers sided with the group of Clear Lake kids who wanted “Hot Rod” as the name and it ended up that. Then last year we had Sha with his bird calls pushing “Condor”. I think only a couple of people liked that name. Indecision and lack of anything better kept delaying us choosing a name. Then finally Jen took the initiative(to say the least) and made us decide on a name and it ended up being “Condor”. Thing is we have a history of choosing the small contingent’s name. So it may end up being “Thor.” Personally I think that you should have a name that emphasizes that you have a “mini-me” robot. Probably not “Dr. Evil” i doubt the teachers would go for that. How about “Sanford and Son.” It says that you guys have two bots, its made of used car parts, and plus there’s that cool song that goes with the name. Thats all I can think of for now but ill try to think of something, even though ive never even seen it in person. Have fun at the Robonaut ship weekend vacation at the LMF. Get there today around 5, leave Monday morning around 7. I miss robotics.


I say name it space monkey. If you don’t get it watch Fight Club. :smiley:

Two things.
You should name it “The Mole” :wink:
And I want everyone to check out the new JR Tucker Hight School Robotics Web Page !
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I didn’t know Evel Knievel was on the additional hardware list.


He’s not :wink: decorations…decorations…

Just an update - after a practice round at LSR in which we had a tangle with 317’s metal jackets, we were asked to dull the spears. Our fix was a small piece of box aluminum rounded off and bolted to the ends of the spears, which effectively dulled them by increasing the cross sectional area. We noticed no loss in functionality, and we went on to be paired with 317 on Saturday, scoring 96 QP’s with them. So I think that took care of any hard feelings. :slight_smile:

Good luck in the upcoming weeks!

Team 118 rulez! I think the dull spears worked just fine and dandy. Hope you got your drive system working and bent back into place after finals at the lone star regional. As for the name, i could of sworn i saw something like valkyrie on it, or something like that… what was that name? Anyways… See you in Orlando!

Good Luck from the Bomb Squad!!! :slight_smile:

Name it Thor. It’ll be just great to have two 'bots at the Nationals with the same name. :slight_smile:

Valkyrie is our robot’s name.

Valkyries were the choosers of the slain in Norse mythology. They took those souls worthy to Valhalla. So we played “Ride of the Valkryies” in the pit, and wore viking helmets.

" I love the smell of Napalm in the morning…Smells like…Victory"

TEAM !!! 236 !! TECHNO TICKS !!!

I would’ve named it Billy.

But you really shouldn’t listen to me, our robot’s name is Fluffy the Flesh-Eating Bunny.

Yeah but ours doesn’t look like it could kill a large dog, those grabbers look like something you’d find in a tourcher pit, cool.