A Bunch Of Hot Air, Or: How To Kind Of Know What You’re Talking About In FRC Pneumatics

Thomas 215 since 2014 for us. It’s done a nice job and provides good flow rate for the weight.

It was never a compressor of choice for us. There’s good reason it was discontinued.

What good reason? It worked fine for us - a little more air for a little more weight and noise. But if Andymark has discontinued it I guess we’re going back to the viaair.

We may have just gotten a bad batch, but when we received ours one of them was shorting to the case of the compressor, I can’t quite remember what was wrong with the other.

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After we figured out in 2014 that pneumatics was awesome for small to medium things but not so good for large things, we never had need for anything bigger than the Viair 1.0 cfm compressor, nor more than two air tanks (and usually one or two of the old metal ones) on FRC competition robots.

Viair 90C (aka 00090). With a little active cooling their duty cycle can be vastly extended.

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