A/C adapter for OI

Does anyone know what kind of A/C adapter the 2001 Operator Interface used? Like the polarity, etc… My team seems to have misplaced ours, and we need to get another one by October 6th so that we can compete in the Ca Robot Games.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here are the specs:

Input: 120VAC 60hz 250mA
Output 9VDC 1500mA
The center is the positive terminal.

If you don’t want to mess with looking for one locally, you can order a replacement from Innovation FIRST for $18.

We ran into the same problem a few weeks ago. If you are very short on time (we were on our way to an event with the robot when we realized that we didn’t have the power supply!), you can pick up a suitable replacement at Radio Shack for about $17-18. Just be sure that the power rating is sufficient - 1500mA preferred, 1200mA absolute minimum. If you go below 1500mA, the performance and range of the transmitter becomes questionable.

Yeah. I’m thinking about going to Radio Shack later today :). Thanks Joe. You rule! Talk to you later.

I had a problem where the socket on the OI was destroyed and the AC adapter was missing. I went to radio shack and bought a standard sized socket and soldered it onto the OI. I then went to Best Buy and bought a 500ma power adapter with multiple plugs. I know that 500ma is too small, but it works for now, since we only use it for demonstration now. Hope this helps in some way.


Get this: At this year’s competition ( Philadelphia) one of 550’s drivers (not me) tore the OI’s competition port clear off after a match. Needless to say, the patch job between matches was less than stellar, but it held up until the lunch break. That was quite the between-match repair, let me tell you. Just thinking about that is painful.