A CD Project: Transcribe 1114 Strategy Video

Hey all -

I’ve been trying to get my mentors to watch 1114 Strategy Session and they have had a hard time following because of the audio quality. So - I’ve been thinking. . . what if we had a group of people on CD work together to transcribe and caption the video. Its a long one - otherwise I’d do it myself.

If I can get people to get the text written down, I’d be willing to use a subtitle program I have to add the titles to the video.

Anyone interested?

I’d be up for doing that. Just pm me a section and I’ll work that this weekend. I’ve watched it enough that I can recite some parts from memory already ::rolleyes::

For those of us who haven’t seen the video, can you provide a link to it?


I might be on board for this, I will send you a PM later if I decide to.

Is it possible that the master audio for this still exists and is of far better quality? Much of the audio quality problem with the posted video seems like it might be an artifact of the compression method used.

If someone from 1114 is reading this, would you be willing to look into this?

If we do need to transcribe, though I hope Ether’s correct, I’m up for it. I’m in CalTran’s boat. I actually thought the same thing when I saw it (four times…). I started a bit, but realized it was too big a project for just me. If you give me the first N minutes, I’d have a bit of a head start.

I agree with this. I’ve been trying to improve it with Audacity but the prior processing has made it difficult to improve on the sound. Ok - I am going to give this thread till tomorrow to see how many people want to help and then I will send a link to a Google doc with the times separated out. You can sign up for which part you want to do.

I’ll take a section.


I sent a PM to Karthik (in case he hadn’t seen this thread) inviting him to comment here on the availability of the original recording.

Give me a chunk of time and I can do it as well.

I’d be happy to transcribe a part.

Hello all -

I have finished preparing the Google Doc so that we can sign out and in segments of the strategy video. You can find the doc at http://tinyurl.com/1114trans

The instructions for how to proceed are on the doc file. We still need people to help. The more that are willing to transcribe a five minute portion of the video, the more swiftly this will be accomplished and I’d love to be able to have this done before build season gets started.


I’ll sign up for one, I won’t have time until winter break though (so around December 22nd). Too bad we can’t get higher quality source audio, although I personally think the problems with the audio are in how it was recorded and not form compression.

It’s not one or the other. It’s both:

The feed from Karthik’s mic was not used for the recording. The recording was fed from a microphone at the back of the room.

The compression further distorted the sound.

The compression certainly didn’t help. But I’ve never heard AAC audio (or whatever codec they use) on YouTube sound that bad if the source wasn’t already that bad.

Is the idea to re-upload this video with permanent subtitles, or use the YouTube captioning tool, or something else entirely?

I have, when the audio has reverb and background noise.

Not all YouTube videos are created equal.

What does the following line from the instructions mean?
“Please keep each transcripted line to one or two sentences.”

How do you want our transcription formatted?

I am also curious about this, do you want us to separate our transcriptions by 1 to 2 sentence lines? (What I have done is currently a big block of text).

I was wondering the same thing. Signed up for 15:01-20:00 minute time slot.

Hi everyone,

Basically I plan on embedding the subtitles into the video. Remember that subtitles cannot be too long in a chunk…so if you type up one or two sentences and then add a line break, it will be easier for me to align the time along with the text. If you give me chunks I will break it down but it will take a bit longer. I am already getting transcriptions returned. Thanks so much for the hard work, everyone.