A Centralized Code Dump?

Hello all :slight_smile:

I had some extra time on my hands and I was just wondering about this idea that I had. I was thinking that it would be great if there was one central place for teams who needed assistance or ideas for programming the FRC or “Robovation” bot to go and find code examples. For example if a team wanted to learn how to code a certain type of encoder they would go to the site, click on the link to the library and either search for code examples on the part or click on easy to navigate links that would take the person to code examples submitted by teams all over. Or if a team needed inspiration on where to go next with their control code, they could just hop onto the site and browse through some nice examples. Anyone who wanted to submit an example would just register with the site, log-in and start uploading examples to our web space.

First off, does something like this already exist? I searched the CD forums and it didn’t look like it.

Second, If I did make this website would the idea be well received? would anyone use it?

Third, I thought of a few potential problems such as a team neglecting autonomous until the day before the competition, just going on the site and stealing someones code that was meant to help teams get a better understanding of how to do things, but this is no different then people going onto CD and doing that. What other problems would you guys see in this?

It’s called the NRG Code Repository.

The system is down, man…

The Code Repository isn’t coming up. infact, the whole nrg.chaosnet.org site appears down. any news on that?

As far as I can tell from the threads on this forum, it was switched to a source forge project. Here is the link:

It apears that it is no longer active as well. Maybe I just don’t know how to use source forge correctly or nothing has been added since 5 months ago and their are only 4 listed developers. That’s all I know. Maybe we could start this up again, or re-vamp and make a new system or something. I don’t know.

Maybe, in the white pages section or so, we could ask Brandon to create a section so us programmers can “dump” in useful code? Or as you said, you can make a website, but no guarantees it will be used. In the past, both the code repositories have been a waste. I have a feeling that it will be more alive in ChiefDelphi just because there are more users and its also a place where rookies come first. Although, if it doesn’t harm, you can create your own repository.

Who actually ran the nrg.chaosnet site? And can we get old data from him/her/them?

SilverStar from Team 948 ran it. There wasn’t much on the site, but I am pretty sure he will have saved whatever was on it and give it to us if needed. He did a very good job overall on the website, unfortunately it didn’t work out that well.

I can provide website space to bring back the idea of a code repository, if anyone is interested.

I need recommendations for software, to manage it. Or get a copy of the NRG software.

FIRSTwiki is very well-suited for this use. Submitting content and categorizing it is extremely simple. I think I can write a C context highlighter plugin for it without to much work if it looks like people actually want to use it for code repository.

I could right the software so its a complete custom job. I have a member system and a file system so I can just merge the 2 together. We should talk on how to coordinate this. If we all list our AIM sns here could start a chat on how to organize it.

FIRSTWiki also looks like a good idea, less work for me :]. The only problem with that is that I never 100% liked having anybody be able to edit things.

I need recommendations for software, to manage it. Or get a copy of the NRG software.

I would be more than happy to help develop the site, if we cannot get NRG’s software.

Wikipedia has a pretty extensive and solid response to that issue many people have with wiki’s. Basically, it comes down to the fact that people review every edit and that if things really get bad, there are moderators to step in (who can ban people and lock pages.) If still don’t believe thats a good argument, just look at Wikipedia. I don’t think anyone can doubt its existence or great success.

In the future, the software will have the ability to give different edit priveleges to different people and members of different groups. Its possible we will use this to allow, for example, only team members to edit team pages.

This is a very cool idea. So cool, in fact, that I suggest you hold off doing anything to implement it until at least January 8. There is such an obvious need for this type of shared code library that I am hoping FIRST will have already thought of it and will surprise us with a sanctioned, supported system to do this very thing. If they do (/me keeps fingers crosed really well!), then we are good to go. If not, then the community should see about getting something set up and running as fast as we can (I would advocate for a SourceForge site, as it is already set up to do what we want).


I’m skeptical of the usefulness of wiki for this, since you’d be reduced to cutting and pasting code from the articles. Not to mention it’d be more difficult to group a build of code together with all its include files, etc. Sourceforge or some other system designed with code in mind would still probably be more useful.

I’m with Dave, though. A FIRST sponsored and organized site would probably work better and have a higher profile.

It’s pretty easy to group files together. You can organize pages by adding them to categories that generate automatic listings of all elements in the categories (and can have subcategories) and you can mimic a file structure by just making the name of the page the name of the file ("/Kevin’s Code/sensor stuff/sensor.c").

I know its not ideal, but its up and running now, and stuff can always be moved to a more useful storage later.

My main concern with some custom software is that it will fall into disrepair if it is something that only the FIRST community is using and that it will be too difficult to migrate to a different software (witness the old NRG repository). If MediaWiki software isn’t the best, at least try to use some established piece of software so we can be assured of its longevity.

SoundForge is better suited for this purpose as it is designed for such things. Wiki is good for overall data storage. Maybe we could use it as backup. As Dave said, lets wait till Jan.8 and see what happens. Or we could form something like FIRST Scouting Network and work our way from there. But I know that we definitely need some kind of place to store useful code and such.


The way SilverStar set up the SourceForge repository, it definitley is not an ideal solution. All submitions had to be posted in a sort of comment and reviewed by him. There was no easy CVS access (well, CVS would probably be too difficult for this, too. The majority of teams are not familiar with it).

The best dedicated solution that I know of is GraalForge, but again, I think that it is kind over complicated considering that the majority of code pieces being submitted will be in the <50 line range.

Well, i was going to make a code dump for my teams website anyway. So if FIRST does release one I can use this for my teams site. I like making things from scratch (I just have urges to re-invent the wheel). I have pretty much everything already made, such as a user system and a file system, so with some merging its really not to much of a drudgery task to create one from scratch for me. So, we’ll see what happens.

So i’m not the only one!

That sounds like a great idea (the original code dump idea)

It would make things easier for up and coming programmers such as myself to find things and learn them