A Centralized Code Dump?

Yippee! (adds it to FIRSTwiki)

Hey guys, this is a great idea, i would love to help in any way i can. Please let me know how i can help. This will provide both rookies and the veterans a great resource :cool: .

Well I have just completed the Community Code Repository Beta v.1. Here are the completed features:

-User registration
-User login
-User administration
-User create folders
-User upload files
-User download files

Still in progress:

-Allow guests to view and download files
-Preview files in web browser
-A web design? Its all text right now
-A lot of non-essential but nice to have features (Such as search, sort, comments)

Known Bugs:

-If more then 1 person uses the same login, if the first person starts to download and then the 2nd person changes pages, the download will crash.


Before I post the link, I would like to know if you guys would want me to post the link now or if you would like me to wait until Jan 8th to see if FIRST made an official code repository. I would not like to discourage the use of their code repository in anyway by making a second one. I just wanted to make this and have it ready in case come Jan 8th and there is no code repository from FIRST I know I wouldn’t have the time I have now to write the program. What do you guys want me to do? :confused:

I think you really should have considered the alternatives…

GraalForge, as I pointed out before, does far far far more than what you have.
SilverStar’s repository had your features plus versions, comments, and probably other stuff i don’t remember.
FIRSTwiki has those features plus much easier editing of those pages.
You could have got the basic features you have with simply an FTP server…

This is a completely true statement and I agree with you, but as I stated before, I have the urge to make things even if they are already made. I don’t know if it is because I like to challenge myself or I just like the idea of something being my own, or I’m just insane :ahh: . If nothing else, this is a project to keep myself occupied with and to be used as a learning experience, that might just server useful to other people. I could even put this (when completed) on those free PHP application sites :D. I don’t know. The benefits of making this seemed to far outweigh the hardships of creating it.

…and this is also the project after only a few hours of work…

GraalForge, silverstar’s repository and FIRSTWiki had to start somewhere, no?

I understand wanting to reinvent the wheel, hell, that’s what most of us enjoy about FIRST (how many teams can really claim to be doing cutting edge stuff?). But, if this is something you are providing for the community, there are interests other than your own.

I’m not demeaning your work or anything, I’m just trying to save you and the community from going through the same thing that happened with SilverStar’s old, custom repository.

I tend to agree to that. But if you think you can pull it off real well then go ahead, my best wishes. The last Code Repository was not so useful or successful. Another suggestion is use something already there and modify its code to fit our needs. As one of the spotlights, I think by Dave Lavery says “Steal from the best and re invent the rest”

Another idea that came to me while talking to Max was that you can create a hack for vBulletin forum itself, of course if Brandon agrees. See the problems I have noticed is that it is hard to get a group together on one site totally new. Many many sites just die out after a while of not much activity, although I hope whatever goes up actually works out.

I like reinventing the wheel too, and that’s why I wrote the NRG code repository when SourceForge could have done it. This idea has been discussed so many times and there is great fervor when it starts, but then nobody adds any new code.

The frCoder SourceForge project that I started is an evolution of the NRG Code Repository because all the management code is ready AND we can write a PHP front end to manage it. SF has all the version control and packaging facilities we need. I have imported much of the code to the frCoder project already.

The reason the NRG site is down is because we were shutdown for using too much server-side script time ;). I have backups of all the PHP scripts and the code that were added to the repository.


It seems like the best repository would be a combination of a Wiki-like front-end with a downloadable archival features provided by CVS/SourceForge.

See http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32029 for a thread dedicated to frCoder, which is now up.