A chance to win a $50 AndyMark gift card and 25 TPD RoboTowels!


**Here’s your chance to win $50 towrads AndyMark and 25 of our RoboTowels!

Details of the contest:

Start: NOW!

End: April 15th 12:01 AM EST, Winner wil be announced shortly after. Early enough to order stuff from AM and TPD in time for Championships!

How: You must take a photo of you, your team, robot, or sponsor showing off any of the Two Pencil Designs items. Any product that Two Pencil Designs has made from Robotics related, Etched Glass, Graphics, Awards, or any thing else can be submitted. You must link them to either our Facebook page or our Twitter accounts.

There will be a judging panel that will determine the winner. There will only be one winner from all of the entries. You can submit more then one entry.

Haven’t purchased any TPD products but still want to win? There’s still a way and a chance!

We also have 900 vinyl stickers ready to be mailed out. All you need to do is mail us a self addressed and stamped envelope to Two Pencil Designs 47 Belmont St #2 Rochester, NY 14620 and we will drop a few in the mail for you.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? It’s pretty easy too!

www.Facebook.com/TwopencilDesigns - You will have to Like us to submit photos on our page
http://twitter.com/#!/TwoPencilDesign - You will have to follow us to send us messages and link to us

Good Luck and let’s see some sweet photos!

If and when I receive my swag that I ordered I’m sure there will be some rather sweet pictures taken by Mr. Huth at FLR of the kids waving them around all day.

Your three color custom dyed towels will be in your pit come thursday morning the latest. We will be working on those tonight.

Do I give the money to you or Liz?

Thanks Alex and Two Pencils Design this is a very cool and generous contest. Already submitted the picture of my trailer graphics!

Either will work Ed.

Can TPD make deliveries to regionals/Championship? If so, where will you guys be?

Liz will be at MAR Hatboro week 1
We both will be at FLR week 2
Liz will be in VA in week 3
Liz will be in Waterloo in week 4
Liz will be in DC in week 5
None of us traveling for week 6.
Liz will be in STL for championships, hopefully I can go too.

We have no problem bringing products to regionals or championships. But, to win this contest, the photos need to be submitted before championships.

Side note for all:

Even if you haven’t purchased a TPD product you can get vinyl stickers from us for this contest! Please mail a self addressed and stamped envelope to us and we will mail you some vinyl stickers to partake in the contest!

Any other questions?

Just ordered a clipboard, I am excite for this!

It will ship out today along with a bunch of RoboTowels!

I’ll be sending an envelope to your doorstep tomorrow right after school. Probably will order a clipboard too, I need one.

Free stickers rock!


This is awesome, I’ll be sending an envelope soon.

I’m having issues getting to the site tho. I’m really interested in the robotowels.

The website is still under construction. If you are interested on ordering some RoboTowels please email me at Alex@twopencildesigns.com Thanks!

Look forward to all the envelopes, we have a huge stack of vinyl stickers waiting to go out!!

Email sent. Glad to know it wasn’t something wrong with my browser.

Sweet contest. I’ll have to take a picture of myself drawing up crazy strategies on the Two Pencil Designs whiteboard while drinking out of my Two Pencil Designs glass etched Hilltopper Robotics tulip glass!

Now that week 1 events are done. Let’s see some pictures for our contest!

Remember to post them to our facebook page or our twiiter account.


I have been thinking about ordering clipboards for FRC and Vex for some time; this week at Lake Superior we were allied with a team that had the most excellent TPD clipboard and we used it to plan our elim strategies.

Now we need our own and unfortunately I am having trouble using the site.

Can you send me a PM and let me know how I can order a Rebound Rumble and a Gateway clipboard?


Al G.

Thank you for your compliments. We strive to provide products to make teams time at competitions easier. Currently you can purchase our FRC clipboard and dry erase board off AndyMark. If you would like a vex board, please email me at Alex@teopencildesigns.com.

Thank You!

Here is the 2012 FRC Dry Erase Board link, and the Clipboard link.

Andy B.

Thanks to Andy and Alex for the quick responses. Orders and emails are forthcoming.