A cheap source of pneumatic parts


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I found a website a while ago that I purchased pneumatic fittings from and they seemed like a pretty cheap source if you were not buying parts in bulk.

is the link to them.

I know that it gets expensive if you are buying parts in large quantities and only need a few.

Anyways, I hope this helps.

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Posts like this aren’t spam, they’re a service to the community, like the various “PWM cable” threads. Rock On.

That’s a great link, alot of neat stuff, just what I needed to see and give me ideas for Halloween!:smiley:

The prices are good too and they have name brand SMC pnuematic components. The only downside I see is they don’t stock any metric stuff. Nothing that would really affect FIRST teams though but someone like me who gets metric (it’s all that we use) pnuematic discards from work. I still need some stuff to piece something together for Halloween one of these years like metric tubing…although I could get the 1/4" to work in a 6mm compression fitting. :wink: Darn! On second thought, threads like these make me think and give me more ideas for projects than I have time for! :stuck_out_tongue: