A Class Act - AndyMark (Andy & Mark)

A Class Act - AndyMark (Andy Baker / Mark Koors)

AndyMark manages FIRST playing fields for off-season events in the Midwest area and took care of Field Management for the CAGE Match this weekend.

There were field communication issues that could not be resolved during set-up last night or this morning when matches were scheduled. By noon, there had been several attempts at workarounds (by several people) and finally about 1 PM we started playing matches with limited field capability to finish the day and have the elimination matches.

Because they felt personally responsible and accountable for the field issues and limited number of matches played, Andy and Mark have given each team there a $300 AndyMark credit. This was absolutely unexpected by everyone since it is not “their” field and this was an incredible gesture on their part.

Thanks Andy and Mark for this.

You set an incredible example for all of us.

:eek: That’s awesome. I have always found AndyMark to be a hard working and respectable business, but I never thought they would do this. They show just how much we can help each other in down times.

When I first read the thread title - “A Class Act” - my first thought was “well, duh!”.

But then I got to thinking about it. And yes, these guys ARE a real class act.

They go out and listen to teams, and bring them products they want, at prices that are very reasonable. They offer a generous warranty and, in some cases, have gone well beyond what is reasonable or expected to satisfy a team. They sell quality products, slightly over-engineered (IMHO) to ensure nothing breaks. It’s not rare for a company to stand behind their products, but these guys consistently go the extra mile. I have to believe it’s because of two factors: One, they actually are really nice guys. Second, they LOVE what they’re doing.

What you posted above Chris is another example of WOW caring about customers over profits.

EDIT: Of course, Andy even has his own thread.

Thanks for sharing this, Chris.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Andy and Mark at a FIRST event, or who has purchased AndyMark products, knows already that they are a class act. [As Don Rotolo said above: " Well, duh!]

I wish all the suppliers that I deal with could be like AndyMark. :slight_smile:

I posted this to Andy Baker:

Can’t say thank-you enough to AndyMark. I know you and Mark Koors didn’t have to do what you did, but it was sure the most highest honorable thing I have ever seen done. We were really happy to just be there and get experience to our kids. I believe that if everything in this world worked for the first time, no one would ever learn or better themselves because they are not pushed to find a solution to the problem. Those kids that took ownership and found a solution will never forget those skills and life lessons they learned at CAGE Match 2009. Despite what you believe in a conflict of interest, there are several people’s path you have crossed that respect and listen for your advice. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring our youth. You don’t have anything to worry about upsetting 1501, we respect and always respect the Baker Act.

Andy and Mark “get” FIRST in a rare way that I think even Dean has not yet achieved.

I hope they realize the level of respect they receive, and know that they have many many favors they can call in.

Not surprising news- they are a great company

Last season when we had issues with the driver station Andymark helped us rapidly and with compassion.

Thanks guys


Talk about customer service. Andy and Mark, you guys are amazing!

Andy Baker and Mark Koors are both top notch guys. I spent the entire day with them trying to work around the field issue. Though the frustration levels were high, they both kept cool and worked through it. With out them CAGE Match would NOT be possible. Not just the business AndyMark, but the two men that are behind it.

Andy Baker and Mark Koors set great examples for many people in FIRST, but they are also great role models. I look up to people like Andy and Mark. They are a great inspiration people who know them already through FIRST, people outside of first, mentors, and kids on teams.

I am more than glad to have then onboard to help with CAGE.

Thank you Andy Baker and Mark Koors

Attn: Everyone in FIRST.

Take heed.


Post 111! yay Wildstang!

Ever since Andy and Mark came out in 2007 to help with field setup at Mayhem in South Florida I have known these two gentleman as constant professionals who never rest until the job is done beyond expectation, just watching Mark Koors coordinate a field setup is a magical thing believe me ask anyone from Mayhem that year or the past IRI events. As far as Mr. Andy Baker goes well his dedication to helping FIRST teams ,working hard for his company go above and beyond expectations always. That being said I am not surprised to see this credit given by these extraordinary individuals and I am sure they did it with big smiles on there faces. I am glad to hear AndyMark,Inc. is doing well enough to do this for the teams involved. Andy and Mark thanks for being a big part of the difference that raises FRC above the bar to other robot competitions and associations.

-Drew Disbury

I was at CAGE after more than four hours of things not working (even with the smartest minds working on the problem) with a million thoughts going through my head. As one of the hosts teams you can imagine all I was thinking.

Andy Baker walked up and said “this isn’t very inspiring.” Everything I was thinking summed up in four little words. The only thing that really mattered.

Wasn’t long after that Andy made his announcement and inspired us all.

Well, if everyone is going to chime in…

They ARE a class act.

I remember at Purdue we were running some of their 8" mecanum wheels. Andy came over to see how they were working for us, any issues or concerns we had. While he was visiting us, he noticed we had cracked one of the toughbox polycarb plates. Without asking he ran out to his truck and got us a spare, no questions, no charge.

Just plain awesome.

This is so amazing.

AndyMark is such an awesome company and the folks that run it (Mark and Andy). During build season, one of the 50T gears was slightly messed up and it wobbled on the shaft. They practically overnighted the gear to us. Also I would like to thank AndyMark for working with me to make the Zip Tie Chain Tensioner a reality.

Thank You Andy & Mark,


Seconded, I read the title and immediately assumed that AndyMark was offering classes on something, then read the thread (because, who wouldn’t want to take classes from Andy or Mark?) and I honestly said “DUH!” out loud. The more I think about why this thread exists the more I realize how needed it is. AndyMark is the company. It is a company that shows that you don’t have to be a cut throat jerk to run a business. It is a company to be emulated. To me this thread is about encouraging companies to be more like AndyMark. Great Quality, Fair Price, Wonderful Support.

In compliance with the new rules regarding internet postings I feel required to inform you that a team I worked with last year received 2 AndyMark ToughBoxes, 4 2009 Slick Wheels, and 1 C Channel Robot Frame, 2 CIM motors, 2 Digital Side Cars, 2 Analog Breakout Board, 1 Drivers Station, 1 Power Distribution Board, and 1 120 Amp Breaker for a combined contribution of approximately $672