A collaborative WCD reference book

Hey everyone,

Over the past few months I’ve been designing and experimenting with a number of WCD designs and have learned a lot through the process. The problem I’ve faced, which I assume others have faced as well, is the lack of centralized information regarding west coast drive.

I’d like to propose a collaborative resource that compiles as many teams experiences with WCD, so whether you’re brand new and want to learn about it or have been working with it for years and want to improve further, there is an easily accessible resource.

Some potential topics are:

  • advantages and disadvantages
  • basic design elements of frame
  • rivet vs. weld
  • bumper mounting
  • belts vs. chain
    The list goes on…

Would love to hear thoughts below and if you’re interested in getting involved, please PM me.

I’d be very interested in seeing this when it comes out. I’d also be happy to help, but my knowledge of WCDs only comes from what I’ve read on here. I’ve never actually built one.

If I find some time, I want to make several different assemblies of WCDs using different configurations of the currently available COTS parts so that people interested can go in to the model and see exactly how the different parts are supposed to be used. However, Baja SAE is currently devouring my time, so I’ll have to see.

Best suggestion I have is to just make the thing and put it on a wiki or Google doc somewhere and then start editing away like a crazy person.

Yes Please.

I think that this illustrates a greater need for a collaborative resource space for collective information on numerous topics. There is tons of resources and content from white papers to youtube videos but it would be great if everything could be repacked in a more all encompassing format. WCD might be a good starting point but I could think of dozens of other topics that this concept could be applied to.

So is there a platform you would suggest for this? I would not mind taking on something like this as a serious project.

If you do take this on, one thing to think about is how you might vet the information.

There is a lot of poor information and absolute thruths that are wrong which are posted all over chief.

Teach the controversy. :rolleyes:

You might take a thing or two from the FIRSTwiki, and host it on Github. Assuming you have little to no pictures, Github works great. Create a quick repository and make a few markdown files. At the end, you can compile it all into a PDF or HTML file to view all at once, but the markdown makes editing a breeze. With pull requests, you can monitor all the incoming edits before they get added.

I don’t know anything about WCD, but I’d figured I try and help out with this editing problem.

I certainly wouldn’t like to do it alone. That would be a monumental task, and one fraught with mistakes. I wouldn’t mind contributing everything I’ve learned so far, but that’s not a whole lot just yet.

Would it be better to work on and improve the existing FIRSTwiki rather than creating yet another platform?

I would certainly recommend that option. Just create a Markdown file on West Coast Drive (Or I can, if you’d like), and then it’d be super easy to edit from there. I can approve pull requests for you, to expedite this process.

I’ve gone ahead and added a page to the FIRST wiki on West Coast Drives. You can view it at https://firstwiki.github.io/wiki/west-coast-drive. At some point, I’ll add it to the main drive train page, but that’s for a later date. Editing FIRSTwiki is as simple as opening the page, clicking “Edit on Github”, making your edits, then following the steps that Github automatically guides you through to make a pull request and your own fork. From there, virtuald or I will approve the request once it’s passed the build checks. It should then update instantaneously on firstwiki.github.io.

Thanks to all who contribute!

I would be interested in getting involved. I have done a few WCDs before and can help shake off some of the popular technical falacies and misinformation.

What exactly does your field of study for your PhD include?

It’s a team joke regarding one of our students whose last name is Wang. What were your hoping it meant, Adam?

It’s great to see this catching on and that people want to contribute. Bkeeneykid created a page on the first wiki, so if you have any information to contribute, please do.

As more content is added, it can be sorted properly and refined.

What’s interesting about WCD is a lot of teams have really opened up what they mean in the last few years and doing things that were considered not kosher previously. For example, skipping any form of chain tensioning.

I had no preconceived notions.

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