A Couple Questions about Chairman's Award

  1. Can you use copyrighted music / movies that you find on the net (Like MP3s) in your Chairman’s award submission?

  2. Can you use the FIRST logo in your Chairman’s award submission (i think you can, but I’m not sure)?

Thanks a whole bunch




I was wondering the same thing for Chairman’s Award…Can we use copywrited music, and if we can, does it need to be cited? I should think we could use music, because it is for a non-profit thing.

Does FIRST show the winning Chairman’s awards at competition? One of my teammates thinks that they are not shown, so then they should not have a problem. If they played it in front of thousands of people, they could possibly have a lawsuit on their hands.

About using FIRST’s logo, I would agree that you can. Our team actually uses the FIRST Logo as our own team’s logo. (We changed it a bit) Our team is the N.E.W. Apple Corps, and instead of the white circle, we have a white apple. We asked permission, and they replied that it was O.K., and that they thought it was cool that we used it to create our team logo. (I attached our logo if you would like to see it.)

If anyone hears more about the copyright thing, please post it right away. I’ve been checking through all the FIRST updates and rules, but have found nothing about it.

nac logo with text.jpg

nac logo with text.jpg

we used music from The Who last year…and we didn’t get in trouble for it. They do show the winning Chairman’s Award at Nationals…I’m not sure if they are going to show the winning CA at regionals though. Hope that I was of some help. Good luck to you all.

About the music for Chairman’s award…

I’m almost positive that you have to get written permission for any copyrighted music you use. I remember someone telling me that their Chairman’s Award entry got disqualified because they used a copyrighted song. I would probably get permission anyway just to be on the safe side.

I hope this helps you out


I don’t think that you would get in trouble since this a non-profit organization. Our team used instrumentals, themes, and soundtracks from movies and possibly copyrighted sources. The evaluators didn’t say anything about us using them.

I work for a TV Station , so I am really comfortable with music and video technology. I can answer some difficut questions, too. Just ask me.

                                                        -Vincendini  :p