A couple questions that may be too late.

Okay, so we finished our robot and sent it off.

Now we reread the rules, and seem to have some potential problems.

So Hybrid mode is 15 seconds correct? Rumors have been stirring that it is 30 seconds, anyone know?

And also, as most robots are
Like that and drive up, (so the width is only 28 or so).

Our bot is 36 wide, and 27 deep. is this going to be a problem for our starting configuration? Rumors have also been stirring that there will be problems associated with this as well. Anyone know? I know there are a couple bots out there with the same configuration?
Here’s a diagram.
Thanks in advance.

15 seconds is correct.

Drive configuration is no problem.

Where did you see the thing about drive configuration? Our challenge we are foreseeing is that in the rules it says that the long dimension must be away from you, or something to that effect. Thanks.

<R11> describes the size limitations. There is no mention of drive direction, nor should there be.

There are crab/swerve drive robots that can move in arbitrary directions, so “forward” is not necessary aligned with the “front” of those robot. All the inspectors will care about is the robot fitting in the box in its starting configuration.

We are wondering if we’re gonna have to start “sideways” for our robot becuase it drive with the wider way forward. Here is the rule.

<G18> ROBOT Orientation- ROBOTS must start the MATCH with their long (maximum) dimension in a vertical orientation. After the start of the MATCH, ROBOTS may change their orientation such that the long dimension is either vertical or horizontal. Refer to Rule <R08> and Rule <R17> to determine how this affects the use of STANDARD BUMPERS and FLAGS.

If we could get a FIRST inspector or a mentor to respond to this…that would be EXCELLENT.

The maximum dimension would be the 60 in. height. Stating that it must start in a vertical orientation prevents you from starting with your robot on it’s side.

If your flagholder is mounted so the top is 51" high (as it must be), then it is necessarily the longest dimension and your robot is upright. No worries.

Teams have been starting in a “wide” configuration for as long as I can remember. You are allowed to start facing in any direction, so long as you’re touching the wall.

Assume the driving base of your robot is just under 38"x28". If your robot is short (say 30" tall), then the long dimension will be 38" length. This must be the vertical direction for your starting configuration, so your robot will need to flip downward to get the wheels on the floor.

I doubt teams will do this, though I’ve seen teams (HOT?) establish a very long drive base (60") by flipping from the starting configuration into driving configuration.

Given the flag height requirement, I suspect virtually all robots will have a dimension greater than 38" and it will be vertical at the start of the match and (hopefully;) ) remain that way throughout the match.

can anybody show a rule that disagrees with the one i posted up above because that CLEARLY says that it has to start in a certain direction…

thanks so much for that explanation of that “vertical” rule…

You did by posting the rule. The robot size is 28" by 38" by 60", and the 60" has to start vertically. That’s the way the box is set up. Therefore, you can either “flop” down so you have a 28" by 60" drive or a 38" by 60" drive, OR you can stay upright and have a 28" by 38" drive, oriented either “long” or “wide”. If you can explain how the rule says you must start in a certain direction, I’ll listen.

You’re right. The rule does say you have to start in a certain direction, such that your longest dimension is pointing towards the ceiling. Since the top of your flag holder is 51" off the ground, it should be guaranteed that this is the case. This only constrains two of your rotational degrees of freedom, so you’re still free to rotate about the z-axis, and thus can start facing in any direction on the xy-plane.

we misinterpreted the rule to mean starting vertically on the horizontal plane from the wall of the field…it just turned out weird…thanks to all

<G18> states the maximum dimension of the robot must be oriented vertically in the STARTING CONFIGURATION. That dimension can become horizontal in the PLAYING CONFIGURATION. There is no rule about how the driving direction is oriented with respect to the field or robot.

man…i thought after the build deadline it would get easier…today we got a call from fedex…here’s something how it goes

Fedex (F): We lost your shipment…what does it look like?
US: It’s a 4ft x 4ft x 5’6" plywood crate spraypainted blue with the number 2574 painted on it.
F: And what would you estimate it’s value at (thats when we start worryin)
US: Ohhh…about $10,000
F: oh…okay (now whats goin on). And what would it look like if it was broken open?
US: Well…theres a lot of robotics stuff. And it has a lot of steel arms and a controller platform on plexiglass and steel. And some motors and stuff.
F: Okay we’ll let you know the status of your shipment…(that phone call went nicely)

don’t worry…they called back later and found it

Well I can tell you that MY stomach would be in knots until the follow up call confirming they found it. :eek:

D*MN! I would’ve been going insane! I would’ve been crying and stuff!