A deal on Vex parts?

Vex controllers for $12.95 (CAD) at the Princess Auto store in Barrie, ON.

I called their national sales office, and the Whitby store, and nobody knew about it, and I’m not about to visit Barrie (100 km north of Toronto) to check on it. It’s probably from a liquidation of InterTAN (i.e. RadioShack Canada), which was located in Barrie, and was handled through that store’s surplus department.

there are gobs of transmitter/reciever add on kits on ebay for under $20.

Yep… I’m going to purchase a few to see if I can modify them to run an FRC type user interface… controls and whatnot…

How about VEX processors?

Are there any out there for sale?

Instead I might use a ‘hobby’ receiver.

the “brain” for the VeX is still expensive! sorry.