A different kind of gear tooth question

Can the gear tooth sensor be used to detect something other than gear teeth? Our team is interested in just sticking some screws and nuts equally spaced around a wheel and line the gear tooth sensor up to detect the screws. We would probably need some iron based nuts and bolts, but it seems possible. Will that work? (note: We would use the sensor that came in the kit)

the sensors in the kit will detect any ferris metal passing by, so in the case you described yes they will work. One thing to consider is the range of the sensor, as they need to be quite close in order to get a clear reading.

Thanks, this will help. BTW, I’m the programming guy, so I don’t really know but… How do you know if something is ferrous iron or not. does it say? If it’s magnetic then it’s ferrous?

Ferrous is like steel or iron, a metal you can magnetize

any magnetic metal should work