A & E Digitized

I spent about an hour after the A&E Presentation to digitize the presentation for those who miss this. Give me a private message or an IM if you want it. I did not compress it yet. so the whole presentation now on my computer is 4 gigs, but I will compress it tonight and hope that will do that. OK give me an IM or a Private Message.

I have digitize the video for A&E but it is illegal for me to send anybody a VHS copy of it. You can purchase a VHS copy here

I compressed my videos in the Soreson Video 3 Codec. Legally Peer-to-peer file sharing is legal, like Napster or Limewire. But you can’t have a compyrighted program stored on a website. If there is a person who has AIM and would help other people who don’t have AIM but have ICQ or something else, just give me a private message.

The best option though, like if you want to show it off at a presentation or something would be to buy the tape.

how big is the file now that it is compressed?

150MB even

Decent quality too… just right i’d say, nice job.

Do you know if they are going to show it again?:confused:

Most likely they are not showing it again, because the competition is a weekly program I believe with a different program every week.

I believe someone at FIRST said that would be the only showing. Someone want to confirm this?