A&E Special

All of my servers are down so I can’t put it on my ftp yet. I was e-mailed by someone who had a digital copy who wanted me to put it online. I am on vacation and away from home so I can’t do anything about it for about a week or so

I e-mailed you. I have transfered my files to a couple of people now, and they say it is preaty good quality for the price of 150 megabytes (please remember it is about 45 minutes long)

So give me a private message or IM and I will get back to you.

kyle sent it to me and it’s really good!!! i even burned it to a CD using easy cd creator 4 (i finally did it!!!), and it looks good running it from there too.

this was just to let everyone know it was good…and kyle, thanks again!!

1 question for kyle or anyone else who knows how to do what he did: How do you get a show from TV onto the computer??

There are several ways to get digitize video source to your computer. But you need two basic things an “input” port on your sound and video.

  1. If you have a webcam, you can input the video that way, using your VCR as a tuner. Plus the audio would have to come into an audio port.

  2. You have something like buz, which I have, basically an MPEG-1 converter from the video and audio input source

  3. Maybe your video card has a video in or tv turner, which can allow you to download the video that way.

There are a thousands of ways to digitize video. But the hard part is getting the hardware and the software to do it. Than after you bring in the video it is most likley uncompressed, so you have to find a compression “codec” so the file size will be reduced.

thanks a lot kyle!! put it on our laptop and show little sections of the show when we do demo’s. it’s a lot easier to search what you are looking for when it’s like this. and now i’m going to have to give it to the kids on our team who didn’t get to see it.