A Fairytale for Galileo

~~A Fairytale for Galileo~~

         Once upon a time, there lived a farm boy named Sparky (384). Sparky was in love with Miss Daisy (341) who happened to be a princess. Now, we all know that farm boys aren’t allowed to marry princesses, this tradition has been held since the times of the Titans (492) and perhaps the Minotaur (1369), it was all Natural Selection (1708). He loved her deeply, or perhaps, it was all infatuation. But whatever the case, he was determined to marry her. To do this, he must prove himself worthy to the king, and so begins his journey. 

Sparky decided to travel to Truck Town Thunder (68) to start off his mission. On his way, he met MOE (365) a miracle worker.
“Hello there! Can you help me? I need to marry this princess. I know you‘re a miracle worker.” asked Sparky.
“What!?! Is it raining Killer Kardinals (136)?” replied Moe.
“That makes no sense!”
“Well, the sky looks ready for Roboticats (758)”
“The sky is not going to rain Wildcats! (843) You LuNaTeC! (316)” screamed Sparky. “Are you going to help me or not?”
“That depends, are you of a Noblemen (1137) birth? Or Asimov’s O’Fallon Knights (1208)?” inquired Moe, the miracle worker.
“Well, no.”
“Then you have no chance.”
“You’re a freakin miracle worker! Work miracles! This is such Ragin’ Sea Biscuits (1280)!!!”
“Don’t get all Astro-Nomical (977) on me. The last this I want you to do is set Wildfire (989) to my cloak.” replied Moe.
“Fine, then tell me what I have to do to win Miss Daisy”
“Hmmm… I am hungry for some herb roasted Firebirds (433!!!!) and some of those Cheesy Poofs (254) if you give them to me, I’ll summon the Robo Wizard (522) and he can help you slay a dragon which would entitle you to the king’s daughter.”
“Do I really need a wizard, I mean, can’t I just hire some Warlocks (1507) to do the stuff for me and call it a day?” asked Sparky.
“Not if you want to live. Now, about those cheesy poofs….”
“Fine, I’ll get them… *mutters* you freakin Nonnebot (38)” and with that, Sparky rode off into Truck Town Thunder to obtain herb roasted Firebirds and cheesy poofs.

“We sell Gompei and the HERD (190) dolls! Get your Guerrillas (469) here!” announced Perry (1006), the sales person.
“Do you sell herb roasted firebirds and cheesy poofs?” asked Sparky.
“Well that depends, how much do you have?”	
“I just caught some fresh Cardinals (811), StuyPulse (694), and labtops which have a few Kil-A-Bytes (1024) of memory.” replied Sparky.
“That’d be good for some deep fried RoboHawks (346) and cinnamon turnover Eagles (358/399), they’re Hella’s Angels (650).”
“No, I want my herb roasted firebird and cheesy poofs!”
“Well, they’re hard to get, I had to go all the way to Windsor Forest (1167), slash a few Rhode Warriors (121), take down SWAT Robotics (824), and beat a Metal Moose (1391) over the head with 1675 (1675) Navi-Gators (1250).” said Perry.
“Well that does seem like you went through some Mercury (1089) there, and had sufficient brain damage… but my cardinals are a Beast (587) and are definitely worth some cheesy poofs.”
“How about… no!”
“What!?! You Thrasher (563) I’ll tell the E.A.R.T.H. squad (618) about your crooked business!” yelled Sparky.
“No Sault Instigator (1596) is going to get no herb roasted firebird of mine.”
All of a sudden, Sparky stole the herb roasted firebird and cheesy poofs and ran for it, he was then followed by Enforcers (178), Cyber-Crusaders (272),Techengineers (334), and Technical Terminators (1051). They were one TUFF team (203). However, he managed to escape by running down 1590 (1590) avenue, and Technotics (1626 / 546) Gearbox Gangstas (1648) grabbed him and forced him into a dark alley.
“Give me all your battery Chargers (604 / 894), we know you have them.”
“ Never! You’ll never get them even if I have a Flashback (168) and Chief Delphi (47) kicks me repeatedly with the Baxter Bomb Squad (16). Even then, it would take Raider Robotix (25) with RobbeXtreme (56) and even then, Gila Monsters (64), Panthers (1108), Iron Eagle (1219),  and Orange Tide (294) couldn’t get the chargers out of me!”

screamed Sparky.
“What the EnTech (281)! We just want battery chargers.” replied Baldwin (1546) the leader of the Technotics Gearbox Gangstas. “I mean, our Roboto (447) has sufficient Horsepower (801) and all, but it needs Mor Torq (1515). I mean the RPM (514) is shot.”
“No! Get the Tribe (237 / 224) on me for all I care. You will not give you the battery chargers. Not if you duct tape Caution (1492) over my mouth and gave me some High Voltage (231) and stuck me in a Scorpion’s (714) pit!”
“This guy is some B cubed (1261), (Bad Beans Betty. lol) I mean, is he just asking for some hurting from Near North Student Robotics Initiative (1305)? Whatever, this guy is too much of a Wild Card (151), let’s just pummel someone else.” said Baldwin, and the Technotics Gearbox Gangsta left Sparky all by himself. Sparky thought to himself, “man, the crazy tactic worked!!!”
Sparky was now on his way to meet Moe, the miracle worker, with his herb roasted firebird and cheesy poofs.

“TJ2 (88)!!! You made it!” shouted Moe.
“Ok, I got what you wanted, through Eaglestrike (114) and all. You owe me.”
“Right, let me summon the Robo Wizard.” Moe started doing a little dance, “Mukwonago Masters of Machinery (930)!!! I summon thee!!!”
“What’s the password?” boomed the sky.
“What? A password? Right… I got it here somewhere… Oooo.. Now I remember, it’s in my handheld Cybersonic (103), ok. Got it! It’s 304-1403 (304 / 1403).” The sky started to rumble with Gael Force (126)  and a sudden bolt of lightning, like the might of the RoboRaiders (75), and out popped the Robo Wizard. 
“Robo Wizard, can you tell me how to defeat the dragon?” inquired Sparky.
“Well, we could use the Elements (945), or we could just wing it.” replied the Robo Wizard.
“No, I need to win this battle!”
“Fine, fine. See that dragon over there.”
“Now it’s dead.” all you could see was some purple smoke and all of a sudden the dragon keeled over. 
“Well that was fast. Thank you!” Sparky then went into the village to announce that he had killed the dreaded dragon. So, the king forked over Miss Daisy and Sparky and Miss Daisy lived happily ever after. :D 

The End

Awesome =)

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Wow, that’s sooooo awesome! My name’s spelled wrong though.
That’s soo random. I <3 it! :smiley:

alicia, you never cease to wow me :slight_smile: that was funny

That’s awesome! My favorite part was about Sparky.

Awesome job! :slight_smile:

Though the ending was kinda weak. :wink:

Hehe, that was great :slight_smile: Definitely a needed pick-me-up! I can’t wait for Thursday!

awesome job!!! How long did that take???

I think 1 1/2 hrs, I was pretty bored at the time. lol. I had fun with it so it didn’t seem that long or that hard for that matter. :smiley: lol. herb roasted firebird

Awesome Story. I will pass on this link to the kids of Team 341!!
Can’t wait to see the Firebirds down at NATS!! We’ll be cheering for ya !
Best of luck!

Al Ostrow
Team Leader

awesome job Alicia
cudnt do a better job myself
there deffinatly will be alot of jokes about that on monday at school
“Oh, Miss Daisy, Sparky’s looking for ya”
i can just hear it now

Awesome story!!! Just a quick thing…1403’s name is Cougar Robotics =)