A feeler...reply if your team is interested


I would just like to post a feeler to any teams around the northeast (not limiting to the northeast) who would like to build a battlebot to compete in a TBD weight class(es). Classes would be no larger than 30 pounds (weight classes are: 150g, 1lb, 3lb, 12lb, 30lb). No details have been made or worked out yet, I’m just merely trying to see if this is worth doing.

Why do a battlebot competition?
You get to see the other side of robotics, learn to design something to stand up to its enviroment, meet amazing people, and gain respect for “behind the scenes” of robotic combat.

**How would we pay for it??? **
If you still have your hobby radio from last year’s Edu-bot, your allready 40% of the way there on cost. Say 10, or heck even 20 members of your team wants to be involved, a few dollars per person for parts would suffice. Managing weight, and money are a great way to learn about product management.

Where do we gain information about robotic combat?
Parts and Tools
Rules and Information
Robots and Events

Please PM me if you are interested, or send me an email @ [email protected]


I’ll bite.
how much will it cost and such. I would be interested to finally make a tiny battlebot!

Unfortunatly we are only limited to 30 pounds. The arena that we should have access to is deisgned for 30lbs. Depending on the class you choose, you can look to spend somewhere in the vicinity of:

30lb~$no limit

*NOTE these MAX numbers are for some of the robots that I have seen who have sponsors, and spare no expense. Do realize if you do compete, you need a FM radio, AM radio is not allowed in the current NERC(NorthEast Robotic Club) rules. Please visit here for exact rules.

ah, that changes things. when will this take place? im sure still a few people up at my college would do this in a heartbeat. i know i would love to make another.

Be advised if you are not on a team, dont hesitate to make a bot! ANYBODY Can compete. I’m looking at early summer before college kids go to school (so the seniors can get one more shot) to take place, Depending on where i can get a facility to host the amount of people we are looking at, will decide where it will be. thanks for the interest!

before my team did first, some of the members competed in combat robotics.

they have a 30lb and 60 lb robot that both did well at botbash 2004 in Del Mar, Ca.

The problem with combat robats is to find nearby competitions, so hosting a comp would be a great idea.

where would this event be located?

(build a smash-tastic robot AND get an excuse for a road trip :ahh: :smiley: im in)

heh, wherever we can get an venue big enough for the arena…my college has hosted a competition before, but thats up here in NH…heck if you do make the trip you can always visit FIRST in manchester! :smiley:

Please remember, Battlebots are not bad…it’s a design challenge to design your robot to perform well, but to design it for the enviroment. C’mon people, lemme know what you think??!