A few monkeys


While at the campus book store I happened to notice these monkeys sitting on the shelf! I couldn’t resist buying them. If any of you saw the 1020 t-shirt from last year, you’ll know what this is about. We took our Prank Monkey logo and did a little spin off of these ancient wise monkeys.

Ok, so it’s pretty stupid (at least it’s in chit chat!). But I’m sure if something strongly resembled your teams logo wear, you’d probably perk up too.

That is what you call an “impulse” purchase… I have noticed that alot of my impulse purchases are FIRST related somehow…

What about everyone else? Has anyone else just bought something frivilous because it reminded you of FIRST or your own team??

First thing I should mention: our logo is supposed to be a Steel Armadillo. I’m still not sure what it actually is, but that’s what we call it. In any case…

The closet I’ve gotten to a FIRST impulse purchase so far was a Beanie Baby armadillo I saw at a garage sale.
Armadillo for fifty cents? Sure!

In the same vein, our hotel in Houston had a small gift store. The store had little lapel pins, with one style being a red, white, and blue armadillo. My team bought every one they had left. :smiley:

dare i ask how much was spent on the impulse monkeys?

I guess I can’t really say I’ve ever bought a blue and yellow Chuck monster… :-/

The day that I see a robotic Gondolier in a store…

When we were in Houston we went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner one night. As we were leaving we happened to look next door and see the House of Pie (our team symbol is pi) and on its sign was actually a pi symbol. So of course we had to go in and buy some pie from them!!! We asked if they had any napkins, etc. with the pi symbol on them but sadly the only thing with pi on it was the big sign out front. :frowning:

Uhhhhhh. Let’s just say it doesn’t fit within my “broke college student” budget.

I was actually given a ‘build-a-bear’ monkey for Christmas. a cute gift, and it means a lot to me.

so I didn’t have to pay for my monkey. :wink:

So, did you “yoink” the sign from them? :smiley:

those are the CUTEST things ive ever seen. my dad calls me monkey cuz when i was little i used to climb on everything. i TOTALLY would have bought those too!!!

No, the sign was too big and there were too many lights in the parking lot. :smiley:

i love monkies, just thought id let yall know… :smiley:

I Bought two plungers for last years robot. We never used them but they make good hats for bald people.