A few questions about the shooter

Hi all, I’ll get right to the point:

Can a shooter (the one who throws the balls from the fueling station) pass the wall or its line with his hands?
And another question: Can he jump, or does he always have to stand and throw the balls without jumping?

No, players are not allowed to break the plane of the alliance station wall. <G38> (autonomous) and <G39> (teleoperated)

There is no specific rule against jumping, however, it would probably be considered as a violation of <S01>.

I think that the Payload Specialist will be able to jump I see no reason why they wouldnt be able to.

Make that “could”.

My question is, why has nobody asked this in Q&A? We’ve had this come up before, and have no official guidance.

Without a rule, there is no rule. Unless you want something more restrictive than that, don’t ask.

So how do you define jumping? And why would it be unsafe? And if you toss the SuperCell in and score 15 points, putting your team in the lead, and you jump for joy, you get an <S01> and get a penalty that makes you lose? I don’t think so.