A Few Questions

Hey world. Here’s a little background before I throw my question: I’m on super-dialup right now, super being super-slow, so I can’t download the manual or spend any time searching for the information I need. I’m writing web-based stat database software for the MARC, an off-season event in Michigan. My deadline is in 7 days, and I figured this is where I would get answers the fastest and most accurately.

Now for the questions:
First, are all penalties worth the same? If so, how much, and if not, what values are there? Secondly, I never fully understood the seeding system this year, so I’ll need the formulas. As I understand them, they are as follows:

If Red alliance wins:
Red gets 2 * [Red Score, unpenalized] + [Blue score, unpenalized] + 5
Blue gets [Red Score, unpenalized]

If Blue wins:

If there’s a tie:

Correct me if I’m wrong, PLEASE. Also, just in case anyone’s wondering, the application is written in JS, PHP, and AJAX, utilizing MySQL for data storage. Login is PHP Session based, and if anyone has a more secure option, let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Seeding score: Almost. Red wins, Red gets [Red [b]penalized score]+5+2*[Blue [b]unpenalized score].

Blue wins, reverse; tie, all teams get 3***[penalized[/b] score].

Penalties: All penalties are 1 point. Some calls are double penalties; make sure the refs know to count the total number of penalties (or total single and total double).**

Thanks a ton… now on the tie, which penalized score do they get?

The penalized scores are the same, so does it matter?:wink:

The official wording is that [paraphrase] all teams get their alliance score with penalties, plus a coopertition bonus of 2their alliance score with penalties [/paraphrase], which translates to 3 alliance score with penalties.

Alright… let’s pretend I never said that :stuck_out_tongue:

One more question. If red wins, does blue get a seed bonus, or did you leave that out because mine was right?

Blue gets seeding points equal to red’s unpenalized score – you were right

Thanks a ton… now I just need to motivate myself to finish the app.

Alright… new problem. A teammate of mine told me I have to factor in coopertition, and I have no clue what it is. Anyone want to help me out?

Coopertition bonus is already accounted for in the above seeding.

It’s the 2*[loser’s unpenalized score] in a win-loss situation and the extra 2*[penalized score] in a tie situation.

In other words, you’ve already taken care of it.

Awesome, thanks.

not quite actually. You also need to keep track of coopertition in each match, since it’s the first tiebreaker for seeding points (total coopertition points earned acts as a tiebreaker, then total hanging/suspending points is 2nd tiebreaker)

Alright… so can I have the formulas separately?

Coopertition bonus: 2*[loser’s unpenalized score] or 2*[alliance score]
-Winner: own penalized score + 5
-Loser: Winner’s unpenalized score
-Tie: alliance score

Winner & Tie get the appropriate coopertition bonus added to their seeding score, then used to break any ties.

Thanks again to all of you. Could someone check here to see if I got it right?

Yep, that’s right.

You guys are lifesavers :smiley:

One last question: is the coopertition factored in when ranking teams? What I mean is, if there’s a seeding score of 14 and coopertition of 28, is the ranked seed 42 or 14 before tiebreakers?

Coopertition is included when ranking; for your example, the ranked seed would be 42.

Example: Red wins 5-4 (3 penalties on blue, 1 on red, red hangs). Red gets 5 points for winning, 5 for their own penalized score, and 14 coopertition bonus points for a total of 24 seeding/ranking points. Blue gets 6 points.

The seeding would then go:

Team, seed score, coop bonus, hang
Red 1, 24, 14, 2
(red 2 & 3 same)
Blue 1, 6, 0, 0
(blue 2 & 3 same)

Thanks :slight_smile: