A few quick changes.

  1. In your user cp, you can view all reputation you have given, and all reputation you have received. There is a link at the top of the box to change from the given <-> received lists. The navigation can be found at the bottom of the list.

  2. You can now give neutral reputation. This counts just like a positive/negative reputation, except you are giving 0 points, rather than giving/taking points.

  3. You must leave a comment when giving reputation. There is a 2 character minimum. No whitespace. The purpose of the reputation system is to let people know what you liked or didn’t like about their posts, so that they’ll either keep up the good work, or maybe tone it down a bit. Just giving positive/negative most of the time isn’t enough.

Feedback and bug reports are welcome.

Great updates Brandon, I like the new ‘No Blank’ option. VERY GOOD CHOICE!

applauds brandon

… anyway, how long till we get spell check? :wink:

I’ll add spell check to my todo list.
I’ve tried twice, and failed both times.

It’s hard with the multiple editing options (regular, WYSIWYG, WYSIWYG advanced, etc)

Repeat after me " I am THE Great Brandon Martus" , " There is nothing that I cannot do" , " I will succeed with the spell checker " , " I AM THE GREAT BRANDON MARTUS!!! " :smiley:

Keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

Nothing big but if you havn’t given any reputation and you click on the Latest Reputation Given link there is no table there and there is no link to go and view the reputation that you recieved (unless you use your handy dandy back button).

Thanks for the warning! :smiley: I had to use it!!!

Anyway, thank you Brandon for making this easier … and specially about the fact that a comment has to be included! The first couple of points that I received nobody left one … and well I guess its just nice to know what other people think about the things you post :slight_smile: . It would defiently help in this forum!

Ohhh, and I love spell check … saves me the hassle of having to edit all of my post before I actually post them … and well it’s just a great feature to have overall!! :]

THANK YOU for everything!!

Kudos to Brandon.

You rock!! :smiley:

Excellent, Brandon!
This is all really convenient, not to mention awesome!
Thank you so much!

Thank you Brandon. I have PMed more than one person regarding “so why exactly did you give me bad rep points…”

Good job, Brandon. Now I need to think of more work for you to do. Can’t let you get too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you give a neutral rep to a person before spreading it around first? or can that be add to the last priorty to do list? That way you can still let someone know you appreciated there post with out restrictions of spreading it around. If not, no big deal, I don’t want to swamp you with work.

I’d rather not touch that code. Your neutral counts just as a positive/negative. You can give it to one person every X reputations. You get 47 per day, neutrals included. Use them wisely.

You know, I keep seeing this 47 number, I wonder why… :wink:

Brandon Martus is officially my hero.

You really put in too much for us :stuck_out_tongue:

PM them. That’s what it’s for.

I was just thinking that although I’m now 2 days later…

I sometimes wonder, Brandon, do you want anything from us? something in return? You really do alot for this for all users of CD the coding and all takes time and energy. It seems you didn’t rest like you shoulda when you were feeling sick :wink: Atleast you seem better.

Nah. Like I said here

I owe it to the FIRST community and the awesome users of this site to keep working on this site and making it better. I will do so until someone from Chief Delphi pulls me away from it and tells me to stop.

Atleast you seem better.
Oh, how I wish I felt better. Ugh.

Ok, i guess now I understand why you do all you do for all of us. Thanks I know I appretiate it, I’ve gotten lots of help on things.

Oh, how I wish I felt better. Ugh.

oh, ok i guess now seeing your away message you AREN’t doing better, just hiding it :ahh: . that sucks, keep up the liquids. Maybe if I get a chance I’ll come see you at the intersection in GrandRapids.

He’s coming to Grand Rapids? Whens this???

He’s in Grand Rapids right now.