A few quick teasers from FIRST Team Pronto [3070]



These are also not in final configuration, just something to keep in mind.


Just keep in mind the 84" cylinder rule. Your current (probably longer than final) looks like it goes way beyond that.

I do like the extra joint in the arm though gives your robot a lot more flexibility in picking up and scoring. If my team had more time i think we would probably explore that option.

What is the gripping material on the edges of the claw? My team was considering using the surgical tubing cut in half but i’m not sure how effective that is going to be.

Nice action on the arm. The gripper looks good also - light & simple. How will you power it?

Just beware of those college engineering student mentors. They are nothing but trouble!

We have kept the 84 inch cylinder rule in mind, the final length of the arm is much larger in the video than it will be in final configuration. Also there will be programmed limits to ensure no breaking of the cylinder.

Claw will be powered via a pneumatic pulling a cable which will be routed up the arm similar to the way bike brakes are set up.