A Few WindRiver Issues

Our team has misplaced the WindRiver CD (which seems to be a recurring trend for many on this website), and as such I was wondering if anyone has and would be willing to upload a .ISO of the installation?

Additionally, we have old code deployed to our robot right now that needs to be updated, but as of now we do not have a laptop with WindRiver installed that is capable of redeploying new code. We do, however, have a laptop that can download code temporarily; it can’t deploy because of a school network installed on it. My team’s mentor mentioned that code may not be able to be downloaded if code is already deployed to the recipient. Is this true? And if so, how might one “undeploy” code, if possible?

PM coming your way

Wow! An entire network installed on a computer!

Depends, If you are “hard downloading” it (so it stays between reboots), then no, WindRiver just FTP’s the new file over it.
If you are running in memory (it gets deleted between reboots), then you do have to remove all “hard downloaded” code

Well, this laptop is part of a school network, which aside from consuming a few hundred MB of RAM, also places a ton of behind-the-scenes restrictions with website browsing, system settings, etc, and it seems to interfere with code deployment. So I’m not sure one could say that an entire network is installed… unless you were joking. :stuck_out_tongue:

So regarding the deployment itself, how would one remove deployed code from the robot, assuming that is possible? I’m afraid I am only a novice currently with hardware tech for the robot. and delete FRC_UserProgram.out (check the path, I’m not 100% sure that its system)