A file size issue

There is a definite file size issue on team 384’s animation, 1.03 GB is way to big for a 640X480 uncompressed AVI. this was just a test of the animation after being spliced, it had to be rendered in three different parts do to a render time of 60 hours. together the three videos were 40 MB but when put into one by Vegas Video it jumped to 1.03 GB.
I have a few questions regarding this.

1.) Must it be uncompressed, is there a default codec that we can use. or have the installer for the codec on the CD that will allow it to be played in Windows Mac or Linux?

2.) Can it be in Quick time format, (it plays in windows , Mac, and Linux)

3.) or does anyone know of a way to splice the video into a smaller size with out using a codec?

Team 384
Animation Team Captain

FIRST has said in a recent update to render with the Cinepak codec, 100% quality. I wouldn’t recommend using anything else, and putting the codec installer on the CD, because if every team did this, a substantial amount of time would be taken simply installing all the different codecs needed…

I have just tried these conditions:

Cinepak codec, Best Quality, 641x480

I got 2.2 megabytes a second

2.2 Megabytes * 30 seconds = 66 megabytes

Not bad, but the video quality is still kind of “boxy” per se. It is probably fine for a web video, but for a professional video, its ok, but defiantly not the best.

I think that they should give us more than just Cinepak.

Here are the codec which they should allow

*Intel Inudo 5.0 (Best for animation)

*Sorenson Video (Pretty good overall video)

*Animation (May not be the best, depends on the # of colors you have)

What they shouldn’t include

*DIVX (sorry, there are too many variations of the MPEG-4 codec, its great but until the official one comes out, I would avoid this codec)

*Real Codec (Can’t play in WMP or in Quicktime, and its not great on a lot of colors, and fast moving objects)

For a professional look Uncompressed DV is always the best, I think that they should just lower the size, I mean come on, 640x480 is a little bit excessive. And besides when a video is uncompressed you can blow it up to any side with very little distortions. Maybe somewhere around the range of 400x300 pixels. Than it should fit on the CD.