A Friendly reminder on sanitation

Well build season is in full swing and as we work on completing our robot’s and practicing…sanitation is probably the last thing on your mind. I just got out of a refresher course at work on blood born pathogens. At my job we deal with a lot of bodily fluids, because at night when people have had a little to much to drink and the mixture of a rocking boat brings up stuff that they had earlier in the day, thats why i am big on keeping stuff clean. You never know on a daily basis what you will be exposed to. This reminded me of a incident that happen last year at the VCU Regional.

Everyone getting sick

While everyone is building and touching stuff it is very easy for everyone to transfer germs. I would just like to remind everyone wash your hands right after you are done working on the robot and clean cuts if you get them and just take the right safety precautions. At the end of all this you don’t want to end up like Wetzel in the hospital fighting this off.

Thanks guys,
Happy building

Great reminder. There’s been a lot of stuff going around here, so I’d also like to remind people to stay healthy during build season becuase you’re in really close proximity with people every day, and that’s asking for flu etc.

  • Genia

Yep, great idea to remind everyone, I just got over being sick. Alot of people at my school seem to be getting sick recently though, 7 people were out in one of my classes with an illness this week.

At least Wetzel works in the hospital at VCU now!

well atleast he has it “in” now :slight_smile:

I will MAKE SURE that no one gets sick this year at VCU…hehehe :yikes:

I sure hope nothing like that happens again. It was bad enough to happen even once. But at least I didn’t get sick!

Ehhh… I get sick because of the weather with my allergies. Nothing is going to stop that from happening until I get some industrial strength decongestant. As an aside please don’t eat and work the lab and wash your hands when you do go out to eat. The head advisor of my robotics club told me about how he found an open bottle of mercury while searching through some junk in another room.

I’ve been machining (steel) for the last few nights straight and I think the oil and grime has soaked into my skin. No matter how much I wash my hands they still smell like oil and look darker. It does add a little extra “zing” to everything I eat with my hands though. :smiley:

Adds a little “zing”!?!


ETA: After I had Norwalk…everything tasted like “zing”.

Nice is neat, yea yea blood stuff is bad and cleanliness is always good, but a little hard to keep in mind for the high school crowd like myself. lol but yea cleanliness is great :stuck_out_tongue: !!

I was one of the first few to show symptoms. What I had was NOT worth the little “zing”

First, sanitation is very important, second, the VCU debacle is still VERY recent in may people’s minds, including those in the upper levels of FIRST. They arn’t happy about it, so try to respect their feelings, they still see it as kinda a problem that could have been avoided.

Wear vinyl gloves. No joke. My neighbor is an Acura technician (“mechanics” work on Hondas, “technicians” work on Acuras…) who says that his industry has slowly come to understand the risks of your skin coming into constant contact with petrochemicals. He always wears gloves now, and never has grime under his fingernails.

I’ve thought about the risk of gloves melting when hit by metal shavings, but is it really more dangerous than your skin being hit by metal shavings?

By the way, I am Not A Professional Machinist, and welcome comments and corrections from real pros.

  • Rick

I am a mechanic as well and everyone at the shop I work at wears latex gloves. But I do remember Dave telling us during shop training that we should never wear gloves in the shop because it impairs your sense of touch which is dangerous.

That was in reference to thick, heavy gloves (e.g. welding gloves, “work gloves,” garden glvoes, etc.) when working with power tools. Thin vinyl glvoes (e.g. surgical gloves) are fine.


You think your so hot now that you are Mr. Boat Captain well… I hate to tell you but you aren… Fine you are! :smiley:

We miss you Ryan

During my freshman year of high school we did an experiment in my Biology class. We were learning how to test for bacteria by growing cultures. We took samples from the toilet seat, sink, water fountain, and other areas.

The water fountain was disgusting!

We told our spanish teach the results; she then carried a anti-bac spray can with her and sprayed all the water fountains.

There are many ways to contract diseases. If you’re not sure it’s clean; clean it yourself. Anti-bac wipes are a very good thing.

note to self be more careful after doing “high fives” with hundreds of sticky hands after State Lego League tournament.
sniffle cough sniffle

I would be VERY careful wearing gloves of any kind around machines with fast-moving parts such as drills, mills, or lathes. Fast moving parts can grab latex gloves and pull your hand into some places you really don’t want hands to be. Likewise with rings.

Leave the gloves off, at least you will have hands to wash!