A friendly team flag PSA!

Hey all! I got a few questions on this this weekend at Rocket City, so I thought I’d share some thoughts as an MC/GA around good flag design and etiquette! Above all though, we love your flags so keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

  • Keep your flag pole a reasonable length. If your flag is taller than your shortest student, it might be too long.
  • Keep your flag pole a reasonable weight. That means no solid aluminum roundshaft, no 3" PVC, no unreasonably large wooden dowel. It should be light enough to reasonably wave with one arm.
  • Really really secure your flag to the pole! I’ve had flags partially or fully fly away when waving them. If you have grommets, bolt through them and the pole.
  • If your pole is multiple pieces, make sure they’re well attached! I had a pole come apart in my hands yesterday lol.
  • Unroll your flag when you set it on the field (but bunch the loose flag near the pole). That way, when I wave it we see your logo!
  • Place it in front of your driver’s station, not your robot. We go in station order.
  • Check which way your MC goes! This year, some went in front of the charge station, others went behind. Orient your flag pole accordingly.
  • Pick them up on time! This varies event to event, so ask your local field staff what’s best.
  • If you have some other non-flag item, tell me what to do with it if it’s not immediately intuitive. Otherwise, you’re leaving me to my own devices and no one wants that.

Good luck to everyone going to champs, and for the rest of you happy offseason!


Would add keep the flag to a reasonable size and weight, as I have seen a few huge flags and a few that seem to made out of thick fabric or duct tape.


And if you don’t have a team flag design whipped up yet feel left out, feel free to grab pretty much any appropriate flag and use that.

I’m personally a huge fan of the completely random Maryland flag, but a country/state/county/city flag works great and especially at worlds, or one of the various inclusive pride flags.


One of the teams at PNW Championship had a stuffed shark. The MC had fun with that one!


Another tip… put your team number on the end of handle so the MC picks up the right flag for your team. (Vertically every 90 degrees so it’s always visible)


MC here with another request - if you’re zip-tying your flag to a pole, please file off the sharp edges of the zip tie once cut! I can’t tell you how many cuts I’ve gotten over the years from doing flags. That being said, I do have fun with overly-large flags, not to encourage that but 6695’s gave me a workout (I’ll sometimes come on with work gloves for that reason).

6695: FRC Team 6695 on Instagram: "And that’s a wrap for our 2023 season! San Diego Regionals was such a blast, thank you to our team of Alpha Knights who killed it this year! #frc #frc2023 #firstsd #firstrobotics #firstroboticscompetition"

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