A fun online physics game


found out about it on the weekend, and now I can’t stop playing it

Fantastic Contraption is amazing, my roomate showed it to me, and now I play it all the time in class. It is easily one of the most fun games out there on the web.

My hall is obsessed with this game… we share designs, concepts, off-the-wall inventions, etc with each other all the time. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it is definitely worth the addiction that it will no doubt bring.

This could be a good educational tool.

I just spent the last half an hour on this. I expect to spend the next hour on this too. Its okay though, I’m an engineering major! :smiley:

Cool, http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=4334577.

it gets stuck, when i try it… did it work when you built it?

Actually my Engineering Design Teacher all ready uses it in class and the school is thinking about purchasing us all the $20 pack to keep playing with it because it fits the curriculum so well.

No, I need to work on it. I meant to show all of them, I didn’t know it was limited to that one level.

I’m stuck on 8…

I’m stuck on 12, stupid balls.


p.s. GAH, it’s addicting! If you are supposed to be studying, do not even open the link.

I had a few chapters to read and a debate case to write… I should have heeded this warning. Alas, now I shall be up later.

This game is fun. I also should be studying. Good Find.

BTW anybody done 13 yet? I got stuck on that one.

EDIT: Ok, I got 13 but forgot to save it. Here is what I did for 14, is actually pretty funny to watch.


Use the hill on the right, but watch your stability.

703 in 2007. There are pictures in CD-Media.

I agree on the studying…

For 13, go the unexpected way and follow the hint for 12.

BTW, said hint is pretty nifty in many parts of this game. So are counter-rotating wheels.

(No, I’m not going to give a full answer! Why ruin the fun?)

P.S. Anyone have any hints on 15?

i got 13 here is what I did http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=4283322
warning contains spoiler so don’t click on it if you want to try and figure it out yourself, even though there are probably a lot of different ways to do it

I got 15…use a pendulum.

Any hints for 14 though, I kind of skipped that one. :o

i have a hint for 15 but don’t want to give too much info, how about this think about a robot from 2007 FRC game reaching for the top row but tipping over

edit: 14 was a fun one to make, i’ll give you a hint how i made mine, use the counter clock wise wheels, i have my design saved if you want to see it let me know

2006 game.

wait till you get to 20 that one is challenging, i want to you your designs who ever gets it and i’ll show you mine

Same here, though I skipped ahead and did some of the later ones too. The big ball really annoys me.