A funny story involving 80/20 Aluminum!

First a bit of a setup: i consider myself a pretty good google searcher, i can USUALLY find stuff pretty fast except for this:
OK, i have a tech writing assignment involving the design of a new mobile robotic platform. I had a great idea to use that Aluminum extruded x shaped stuff. Well, i knew our teams head mentor refereed to it with a simple number. Well i hitup mcmaster carr and searched for extruded aluminum, no luck, same with google.
So i searched occasionally over the course of 2-3 days with no luck besides a website called alloyframesystems. I found the DXF Files on there site for there product, but unfortunately they were impossible to use for what i needed. So in desperation, i hit up google again.
Finally hit up the right set of terms to find it refereed to this magical hard to find stuff as Aluminum frame systems. Well, tried that in McMaster Carr, and BINGO, the number i was looking for: 8020! Luckily i also found a set of autocad files for every 8020 part imaginable making the design alot easier!

Just figured some of you would get a kick out of a frustrating google search.

Or you could have just gone to www.8020.net :stuck_out_tongue: