A "grand" prank

Funniest thing I have seen in ages. THIS has just got to happen at Championships! It is absolutely guaranteed to drive certain announcers, field supervisors, event managers, random parents, and Board Of Directors members totally nuts. :smiley: Anyone want to volunteer to organize it?



This is from the group http://improveverywhere.com/ they stage all sorts of funny events like this. I am a big fan of the bestbuy prank.

There goes the element of surprise.

I was thinking more of a demonstration in the CNN center food court.

Well… now that it is publically known, anyone want in?

We need a whole crew… including but not limited to…
-Freeze folks (a bunch of people to freeze on commmand).
-Camera crew (to film it all of course)
-Spectators to “act” like they don’t know what’s going on to interact with the crown to add to the fun

So… anyone interested?

Definitely. I saw the Grand Central Video, and it was hilarious. I’d have to practice keeping a straight face, though.

Soooooooooooo in.

I would be totally in as one of the freezers. I’ve been watching IE for a while now, and every time they come out with a new one I wish that I could live in NYC and participate in them (my favorites are the cell phone symphony and the MP3 experiment). This would be so awesome to be a part of.

My suggestion would be to do it either at the CNN court (as mentioned), or maybe at the courtyard between the pits/stadium. Doing it in the stadium would probably leave people in one of two situations: unnoticed (looks like someone fell asleep in the stands) or end up not doing it (frenzied in the pits or driving, others would probably not find it funny if you just froze all of a sudden).


that is awesome. I’ll so join in if it happens.


This sounds like fun. Count me in too. I seem to have a knack for acting like a fool. We could do this as a spin-off from the annual ChiefDelphi webhug.

Plans of this activity could take place at the webhug and then we could execute at a later time.


You know- I think I’ve seen that done with a few rounds with the robots…

I’d love to do it as well, as long as it wouldn’t interfere with being the head scorekeeper for one of the FTC divisions.

Perhaps the best place would be during a lunch break in the courtyard.

(Although it would probably drive a lot of random people nuts if you did it in one of the MARTA stations/trains. Or in the middle of downtown Atlanta). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be in for it :slight_smile:

During the web hug perhaps :slight_smile: . How funny would it be for 1/2 the hug to just stop moving…


OMG people will be freaking… talk about GP out the window.
This has SO GOT BE DONE! :eek:

Love the guy on the trash cart! I almost fell out of my chair laughing!
We need to keep it to the CD people that way even team mates and mentors will be like WT?

VERY good idea … !

I would so be one of the freezers. =]

If 973 goes to championships I would so be one of the people. Any of them. :smiley:

Hope we get to go.

I tried watching some of the videos, and my computer wouldn’t let me. Can any body help me? BTW: I would totally be into doing something like that; it would be hilarious!!!

Dang I wish I could go…

I’d be all over that.

Seconded. You guys should probably get a list or organize it at the web hug so that everyone knows exactly what is going on.

Hmm if I can help in anyway I will be more than willing to help. Seems like it would be very hillarious.

I’ve always wanted to be a part of a flash mob! The Grand Central Station Freeze and the MP3 experiments are some of my favorites from Improv Everywhere.