A greetings to my fellow FIRST members

Posted by Tate Tickoff at 03/04/2001 2:52 PM EST

Other on team #-666, The Guggenheims, from Transylvania Low and Dr. Frakenfuter.

Hey. How da heck are y’all? Wha? Never hoid o a negative team? Sure, we’re tha guys n gals who are always dumpin on ah robot! HAH! No. Actually I’m here as sorta a “Dear Abbey” to this column. I’m not here to police or start rumors (though ya see somethin screwy in the rumor mill from me, well duh) or anger people. But I feel that there are some topics that may not be talked about or questions asked because of fear of being hated by yer team. Believe me, ah got some ones mahself! But anyways, If you have something you would like to post anonymously ya can do it trough [email protected]. Just lemme know your dish and I’ll see if Chiefy here can handle it, capesh? That ain’t right. Shesh. Gotta get my accents right…

-Tate Tickoff
[email protected]
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