A guide to debugging Ramsete - request for suggestions

Hi all!

I’m putting together a troubleshooting guide for debugging the Ramsete command (as a supplement to the one WPILib provides in Troubleshooting — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation). We have a couple of things that have worked well for us, but I’d like to put in any pieces that anyone can recommend.

Two questions I’d like to ask:

  1. If you’ve used the Ramsete command or Ramsete controller, what’s one issue you ran into and how did you fix it?
  2. What are “reasonable” values for drive constants (ksVolts, kvVoltSecondsPerMeter, kaVoltSeconsSquaredPerMeter) that people encountered? One issue we discovered is that some error in our SysID config resulted in a kv of 35, which was too much for the trajectory generator to handle (it died on “I can’t figure out how to make the robot accelerate, and the velocity is zero, so this robot never moves”). I’d like to lay out some “rule of thumb” reasonable numbers in the MKS units so a team can glance at them and say “Oh, that’s way off; we need to re-characterize.”

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