Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all the FIRST FAMILY.
From 4061 SciBorgs and 5920 VIKotics.

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Don’t forget to give thanks before you stuff yourself sleepy. FIRST is behind health, family, and a steady job, but definitely on my top ten list of things to give thanks for.

Speaking of Thanksgiving- Thank you to all of the volunteers and mentors on the forum (and those that don’t use CD too) that give up your time for FIRST!

You all help shape/change the lives of a lot of young people :slight_smile:

Who is going to be explain robotics to their extended family?

You mean they don’t already know? You’re slipping. :ahh:

My favorite way to explain FIRST to family members is that, “I’m learning to change the world.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Devastators!