A intresting question

the situation;

you are driving down a street and you come to a stop at this bus stop, at this bus stop is your best friend in the whole wide world and he/she really needs a ride somewhere important. also at this bus stop is the finest girl/man of your dreams and is willing to ride with you and do what ever u want. also at this bus stop is and old lady dieing and bleeding to death and needs to get to the hospital NOW!!!..

Now for the question:
you only have room for 1 person who do you take???

The old lady.

My best friend would understand and the girl of my dreams is in my second hour so I would see her the next day.

Give the keys to your car to your best friend, and have them to take the old lady to the hospital right away, then head off to their appointment with your car. Stay at the bus stop with the girl of your dreams. She will be so impressed with your sensitivity to the plight of your friend and your community spirit by helping the old lady, she will immediately want to know more about you. Get to know her while waiting for the bus, strike up a great conversation, go out on a date. Let it lead to many others, and eventually to your proposal. After a short engagement, you get married and have a fantastic honeymoon in Jamaica, and look forward to a wonderful life together.

Meanwhile, you find out the old lady at the side of the road was your spouse’s mother. She is tremendously wealthly. She is so greatful to your best friend for driving her to the hospital that she immediately amends her will to leave her entire estate to your friend. She never fully recovers from her injuries, and passes shortly thereafter. Your best friend inherits the full estate, and immediately moves to the South Pacific with his new-found wealth. Your wife is furious because she was completely left out of the will, and she blames you (after all, it was YOUR best friend that got all of HER money). In retribution, she files for divorce, and claims half of your belongings. Her lawyer is better than yours, and she cleans you out. She then heads for the South Pacific, and spends the rest of her life with your former best friend and most of your money. You now live in a small cardboard box on the side of the road.

Moral of the story: when driving, always concentrate on what is on the road ahead of you. Things on the curbside are just distractions, and should be ignored - no good can come from any of them, no matter how friendly, attractive or needy they may appear.

-dave (carefully removing tounge from where it has been firmly lodged in my cheek)

lol :stuck_out_tongue: lol :stuck_out_tongue: lol :stuck_out_tongue: lol bravo dave bravo a little more then I expected but ok that was my answer when my friend told me this

let my friend take the old lady and stay with the girl

but I like yours better :stuck_out_tongue:

Shouldn’t your friend and girl gone for a phone or help or something? Jeez :stuck_out_tongue:

See, now you’re hitting on the realistic side of it. Now, here’s how it would go for me:

I would not give my car keys to my best friend. The last time I let her drive my car she left the emergency brake on and I, who almost never use it, then drove for 20 minutes with it on and almost ended my life on 495 when my brakes gave out… also, my best friend would probably pass out at the sight of all that blood. My best friend is an absolute darling, but she would panic if she didn’t pass out first.

I would not offer a ride to my “dream” guy. Hey, 9 out of 10 dreams of mine are nightmares so I’m not betting on those odds… but if those odds were beaten and he was one of the better “dream” guys, why everyone knows the reality never lives up to the fantasy, so why ruin it?

I also would not give a ride to the dying bleeding woman. I might not know much about first aid, but I know the first thing to do is call 911 and then if you are certified, you may began the rescue procedures you are qualified. The only time you should move them is if they are in imediate danger from something else. So, since my CPR certification has lapsed, I would just call 911 and try to keep the injured woman calm.

So when the paramedics get there, I wave goodbye to the bleeding, dying old lady and most likely run like crazy from my “dream” guy… odds say he’s the reason she was bleeding and dying anyhow… and I give my best friend a ride only if she promises not to vomit in my car.


now excuse me but I’m going to go scream

What kind of bastard friends would that person have? “Oh… there’s someone dying here… but I have MORE IMPORTANT plans.” And if their plans are important… why are they waiting for the bus!? Also, if I’m driving a two-seater… I don’t think I’d want some old-lady blood all over the interior… THINK OF THE CARS, PEOPLE!

Haha! Best laugh I’ve had in a while :slight_smile:

You know, you could easily solve that problem if you were deeply in love with your best friend, a 70 year-old woman.

My best friend is an EMT so I’ll let him worry about the old lady. Plus, evulish has a point bloood is an absolute ■■■■ to get out of appolstry not to mention all the blood borne pathogens they have now adays. Just remeber one victim is always better than having 2 vics.

Call the paremedics and take my friend AND the dream girl. My freind drives and dream girl sits on my lap! You said she was willing to do whatever I want…