A light on top of the camera?

Alright are team wanted to know if we could have a light mounted ontop near our vision cameras so it could illuminate the feild so it can help our camera see the vision tetras better…Any help would be appreciated ty :cool:

From my experience, I would say that the fields are typically very well-lit, so you may find that you don’t need any more illumination.

To answer your question, look at the Additional Parts flowchart in the manual to determine if a light is legal. If you aren’t satisfied with that, try the FIRST Q&A.


I would tend to agree with Joey. However, if your lights are deemed to be detrimental to other robot vision systems on the field, I would expect hassles from the FIRST inspection police…

ID: 1145 Section: 5.3.6 Status: Answered Date Answered: 1/17/2005
Q: Can a light be mounted on the robot to improve the camera color identification? Are there any wattage limits?
A: Yes, as long as it meets all the rules, including parts use and in particular, <R26>.

I almost garuntee you that you will not need extra lighting in the competition. Our team is looking at using superbring led clusters for illuminating targets just for using to test vision stuff in our halls at school. Would you beleive that there are almost no places in our whole school that are well lit? I never though about it until I started work on our camera, but there are only a few places in the whole school that the camera works without having to use work lights to suplement the fixed lighting.

If it’s too bright then it might get in the way because then the sensors won’t be able to detect the vision tetras.