A Little Extreme? A FIRST Tattoo?

Hey everyone,

Need an opinion on something.

I have had a wonderful three years in FIRST, and it has been the best experience of my life. I want to do it every year possible. I love everything about it, and look forward to it each year. Now I am what I call a FIRST FAN. I want to represent it wherever I go. Now I have had the privelage of turning 18, and some ideas are floating around. I’ve been thinking of getting a FIRST tattoo. I’m going to design it myself, and it’ll be kool. But, is this too extreme? Have peopel done this before? Am I some big weirdo? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

There are a few things to think about before you go and get a tattoo. First off, this is something that you will have for the rest of your life (basically). Second, i dont know the situation with your family, but would getting a tattoo creat problems with your family?? you wouldnt want to get into arguments and wind up not as close to your family. I understand how much FIRST has affected your life, and honestly, if being on a FIRST team and being involved with FIRST has truely affected your life in a great way, then i see no reason why you shouldnt have a reminder of that. I know someone that got a tattoo and he did it because music and the teacher at school had such a positive effect on him. Think it over and if you feel that it is truely what you want to do, then i say go for it, just dont do anything until you talk it over and make sure that it wont cause major problems. If you decide to get your tattoo, just make sure you go to a clean place. I hope this helps ya :slight_smile:


Hmm, Dont worry your not the only one, I ve also been thinking of getting some FIRST tattoo, My Philsophy(sp?) on tattoos is that you get on to commerate a certian point in your life, or some certian thing that you did that you though was really great, and are going to remember for the rest of your life. Its cool that your designing it your self, be sure to be orginal and dont let anybody tell you it should be a certain way.

People in FIRST don’t strike me as the tatoo type…heck some people were scared of the temp tatoos of 2k1

Wow, Dean Kamen would be so proud… is that him crying from happiness?


Well, if you want a FIRST tattoo, who’s stopping you? Go ahead, and overlook / overcome your obstacles, and get it done, if it means that much to you.

What else can I say?

I’ve thought about this too. Maybe if I had some guts…

I say go for it!

Of course you’re a weirdo…Who isn’t? =)

I think that’s a good idea. I’m not really a tattoo person…But maybe I’ll change my mind by the time I’m 18. =P
If FIRST is something you really don’t want to forget, getting a tattoo is a pretty good way of remembering it…

I dunno about a FIRST tattoo… would you do the FIRST logo? (not to great) your team logo? (what if you change teams) a picture of your robot?


if i were to get a tattoo, i’d want a barcode on my shoulderblade… I just think that’d look really cool :smiley: (preferably if the barcode could actually be read by a scanner ;))

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**if i were to get a tattoo, i’d want a barcode on my shoulderblade… I just think that’d look really cool :smiley: (preferably if the barcode could actually be read by a scanner ;)) **
Hehe, one of my former teammembers has a barcode on the back of his neck (amongst a lot of other tatoos!)

If you want to get a FIRST tatoo, go for it! :smiley: If I had some guts and wasn’t completely afraid of needles (yeah, I know - getting a tatoo doesn’t hurt), I’d probably get one too. :wink:

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If I were to get a FIRST tatoo, I would do an ancklet with an endless circular chain of triangle-circle-square countinuously linked together (guys could do that around their bicep)

its modest, but the people who know FIRST would recognize it

what do you think?



I have often thought about getting a tattoo…

But i need to get my first one before i can get my FIRST one. I’m planning on getting the word ‘revolution’ tattooed in binary code around my left wrist.

I’ve thought about getting a small FIRST logo somewhere that i could easily cover up because i am planning all of my tattoos so that i can still get a job with them. Thus having getting a tattoo on my wrist where i can cover it up with a watch.

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**I dunno about a FIRST tattoo… would you do the FIRST logo? (not to great) your team logo? (what if you change teams) a picture of your robot? **

How about a big honking picture of Dean Kamen’s face tattooed on his back?..

C’mon, how cool would that be?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I say if you’re into the whole tatoo thing, go for it! One of our mentors has them all over his arms. I think it would actually be pretty cool!:smiley:

Make sure you think long and hard about where you are going to put a tattoo!

I know MANY people that got them earlier in life in places they thought were really cool at the time: biceps, forearms, neck…
Now later on in life they decided to change things around and most now wear long sleeve shirts into business meetings because they are concerned about how others in a business setting may feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, I like tattoo’s, I have one on my shoulder blade, I figured in a place like that I could show it when I wanted and if I didn’t want to show it no one would know about it. Right or Wrong some people have strong opinions about tattoo’s and those people may be the ones in charge of your future career path.

Think about your future, not just now. Laser surgery to remove one isn’t really that fun either. I have also seen allot of really lousy tattoo’s that look pretty terrible. I would put a FIRST tattoo right up there with putting your girlfriends name on your arm. There is a chance in the long run it might work out, but later you may not be so excited about FIRST and you may wish you didn’t do it.

Your choice either way.

Thats a great Idea I mean I would be right behind you in the line to get one and to make it interesting i would even get two.

If you get a tattoo, make sure to also get contacts, one shaped like a triangle in one eye, and a square in the other. That would be creepy at first, but ultimately awesome.

Okay, to start, I think tattoos are cool. I personally can’t get one because of a long LONG discussion with the family;however, if it’s cool with your parents, I think you should get one. Just keep in mind that you will have to explain what the tattoo means, and I don’t know if that will affect you’re decision. Some “cool” people out there might think that robotics is “uncool.” But then again, who cares what they think? I also think it’ll be a good way to “bond” FIRST people. You could be walking along and someone who was in FIRST could be like, hey, I was in FIRST too. Voila! Instant conversation piece! All in all, I think it’s a good idea, but I personally would put it somewhere that can be covered by clothing. Let us all know what your final decision is!

I’m glad I’m not hearing “Talon, you’re an idiot!!!”

Yeah, I have been thinking long, and hard about this. I used to have a whole tattoo scheme layed out for my whole body, but u have to be a little modest. So I thought what better than a FIRST tattoo. I want to do something with sharks too, not only due to the team affiliation, but because of my admiration for them throughout life. And yes, I am thinking about the classic triangle circle square thingy, but I want my own touch. And I also have thought of having Dean’s face, but no, thats too nutz, I have seen a guy with weird al yankovics face on his calf, hes like his biggest fan, but I wont go that far. Also Dean’s signature is like a prized possesion in FIRST, so I was thinking of that too.
And in reply to the barcode, seems like thats not an original idea, I thought my iea for it was, but others share it. I also work in a supermarket, and when they ask me for my savings card, I could ask them to scan my back, lol. Ok, enought rambling, time to start designing.

wow. hey, well, you aren’t exactly “weird”. i just think you’re a little more fanatic lol. but really, in my opinion, as much spirit as you have to even THINK about a FIRST tattoo, i wouldn’t do it. 1. pain, 2. could get infected, 3. if you get older would you want it removed or would you want it to stay and be all wrinkly? i’m just offering advice. i say, it’s a great idea, but if you don’t like pain, don’t do it. try to show off FIRST some other way. try to get yourself into some media thing. and if you’re just walking around, wear a t-shirt or hat, or just maybe a big sign above your head showing FIRST. soon enough, people will start asking, and you can start promoting. keep many different ideas that stay away from the idea of hurting, piercing, or tattooing yourself. it will probably do you good in the future. these are just some friendly words from another FIRST member. keep up the great team spirit and emotion, and have a great year!!!


If it makes you happy. Do it.