A little help all you country fans

I’m looking for Toby Keith tickets for my boss (she’s been good, she’s giving me time off to go to Jersey, Conneticut, and FLORIDA) on Friday March 22, 2002. If anyone is willing to part with them email me at [email protected] and name your price. I’ll tell my boss and we’ll see if we can set something up. Thanks all.

ewww country, im sry but ewww

whos toby keith?

who is Toby Keith? isnt he dead?

Obviously not if he’s havinga concert LoL


ok we build robots. Duh! he could be animatronic!

Havent u been too Disney World?

:rolleyes: Goodness! Y’all are horrible! :stuck_out_tongue:

Toby Keith is a great contemporary country music star, and no, he’s not dead.

Sorry Lee, I’d kill for a pair of those tickets myself :wink: But I didn’t even know he was playing up north.

~ lora