A little help from those who attended the Michigan State Championships...

Not totally sure I’m posting in the right place, but…

While at the MSC this year I managed to lose track of my Craftsman impact driver and drill. I know it has been an awful long time, but I just got word back from FIRST that the trucks didn’t have my items when they checked lost and found.

Anyway, the drill and driver are both grey an black, and were in a zip up case that had a charger, battery, and a mish-mash of Craftsman sockets. If anyone happened to have come across this while on their way out, I’d appreciate it if you could contact me. At $90, they are a bit much to replace on a teacher’s salary…

Thank you, and if there is any organization on Earth where I feel like these might actually be returned to me, I know that organization is FIRST!

For future notice: for things lost at an FiM event, it’s probably best to contact someone from FiM instead of FIRST HQ. This will probably get you a quicker response. I believe all of the FiM events have the Event Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator listed on the website: http://firstinmichigan.com/FRC_2012/frc_2012_season.html

Now, as for this specific item.
As Volunteer Coordinator, I was there, along with Marjie Jenkins, during clean up, and I do not remember seeing the items in question. Perhaps another team picked them up.

Good luck finding them! I’ll keep my ears open to see if someone from another team remembers packing them up.

Also you may want to check with your pit neighbors, and ask if they might have showed up in their things. I know with the late day pit breakdowns, over zealous tired kids packing up, along with the superfine pit curtains that are supposed to keep everything separated… has resulted in mixed materials in the past for us.

(I would have noticed Craftsman stuff as not ours… our team should be sponsored by Harbor Freight.) Good Luck, hope it returns home.

I can say that they were not packed up with the field stuff, sorry that wasn’t much help.

Thanks for the replies… I didn’t have a whole lot of hope in getting them back. Unfortunately they aren’t a team item, we can’t afford a whole lot of those. So I guess I get to buy myself some new tools.

I did check with some of the FiM folks and got the same response, just had high hopes for FIRST saving the day.

Unfortunately these were left in the stands during the finals, not in the pits. Hopefully whoever has them will enjoy the tools and a few of my grandpa’s old sockets.