a little help please

i already wrote this post once but no one ever replies after the first one so im reposting it with the replies i’ve got

The original post follows:
Ok im a beginner programmer.
Last year i programmed using easy c, and yes it was easy.
I have a very little experience with labview and i want to know how to use it. I know how to program them little codes but what i need helpl with is like how do i program the joysticks. I am absolutely clueless. Can someone also give me example codes of last year so i can look over and review them.

Do you want to know how to program the joysticks to drive motors with C or with labview?

I replied:
I want to know how to program it with labview cause thats pretty much what were going to have to work with in the 09’ competition.
I know how to use easy c but unfortunatley it was too easy

Please help

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All the info about programming the new control system that is currently available is here http://decibel.ni.com/content/community/first

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